Chapter 19 The Cosmic Scenes

Due to the difference in abilities, the cosmic scenes perceived by the varied levels of lifeforms living in the universe will also be different.

As a matter of course, the cosmic scenes observed by the higher level of lifeforms will be much clearer, or it can also be comprehended as being more real and actual. This is because the higher the level of lifeforms, the more capable they are in understanding the universe; and therefore, they can acquire some understanding of the universe gained from the external cosmic scenes. On the other hand, in the case of the lower lifeforms, the lower their level, the more incapable they will be of such ability. Hence, it will be relatively more difficult for them to understand the reality of the universe. Therefore, we must, through due diligence, continue to uplift our life levels so as to allow ourselves to possess greater capability.

It is due to the fact that the cosmic scenes perceived by the varied levels of lifeforms in the universe are different, therefore, whilst situating at the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces, we must not proclaim that we comprehend the universe. With the abilities that we have now, the cosmic scenes which we have seen will be widely different from the scenes perceived by the much advanced existences. In other words, we are still incapable of seeing the nature or essence of the universe at this point in time.

In the universe, up until now, I still do not know if there are lifeforms that are capable of seeing the nature of the universe. However, I believe that the higher the level of the lifeforms, the closer it will be for them to witness the nature of the universe. Otherwise, it (they) will also not possess that height of capability to create all kinds and varied levels of species, and also capable of establishing different worlds at the varied levels of spaces. I can only interpret it this way since my capability is also limited.

As lifeforms at the lower dimensional spaces, we are currently still incapable of understanding more of the cosmic scenes, which clearly shows that we still have much more room for improvement. And, in order to have a profound knowledge of the universe, we must constantly uplift ourselves during this life journey of ours, to further explore more of the secrets of the universe. Only when we continue to upgrade ourselves can we have the confidence of living in the universe for a much longer period.

Whilst living in the universe, if we do not seek to understand the universe where we survive on, then we are not considered as highly intelligent lifeforms. Although the Creators have termed the humankind as highly intelligent species, according to the current development stage, we still do not befit this title because our capability is very limited. The humans are called the highly intelligent species only because the Creators have bestowed upon the humankind the capability to create worlds, and it does not necessarily mean that we possess these capabilities and high wisdom. The Creators have gifted the humankind this title with the hope that we can truly become the veritable highly intelligent lifeforms. Only when we have reached that standard can we call ourselves the highly intelligent lifeforms.

By speaking on something like this, I am not belittling ourselves, it is just that I am making clear that our understanding of the universe is still far too little. Therefore, we must be humble as human beings, be conscientious in whatever we are doing, and we must not be self-conceited. Once we are inflated in ego, the steps forward will be stagnated because a person without a humble heart would not listen up to other people’s suggestions, let alone advices. Hopefully, all fellow relatives in the family group will be able to benefit from these teachings of mine; be a truly humble person, be conscientious and practical, be a man of action and become a pillar of support of the family group. As the Founder and Builder of the family group, this is my educational style.

Only when fellow relatives have cultivated proper behaviours and possessed refined human etiquette will you have greater room for upliftment because there is not a single department in the universe which needs a self-inflating person. Regardless of the kinds of abilities fellow relatives might possess right now, as lifeforms situating at the lower dimensional spaces, these little capabilities are very limited. When we place these little abilities against the backdrop of the grand universe, that would be truly insignificant. That being the case, what excuses do we have for not being humble, and for what reason should we be self-inflating? As of now, we are not even able to gain an in-depth knowledge of the cosmic scenes, how could we possibly call ourselves as highly intelligent lifeforms? Of course, I believe that as long as we strive to uplift ourselves continually, there will be a day when we shall befit such a title.

The book “The Celestial Phenomena” serves the purpose of explaining some basic phenomena of the universe to all members of the family group. It is a basic universe knowledge. I have used easy to understand language to disseminate this knowledge to fellow relatives living in each and every world with the hope that all of you can read and understand it. When fellow relatives have possessed a definite degree of capability to ascend to the worlds or spheres of the higher dimensional spaces, you will have opportunities to learn much higher knowledge to accomplish yourselves.

If fellow relatives do not think much about this basic knowledge, or even disbelieve it, then we will not be able to help you either since you are not humble, belong to persons with inflated ego. These are the kind of people the family group will not need, and I believe the entire Righteous universe would not need them either. Despite fellow relatives possessing a definite degree of capability, the Righteous Family group however, has its own educational concepts and system of management. Only fellow relatives who receive the proper education of the Righteous universe and are managed by the pertinent management division can they gain the opportunities for their upward development.

As we are living at the worlds of varied dimensional spaces, the dissemination of this universe knowledge has, therefore, met with an immense degree of difficulty. When we disseminate this knowledge to each and every world, we could only propagate a portion of the basic knowledge as it is very difficult to convey more of the profound knowledge. This is because our family group’s science and technological level have not reached that high a standard yet, and there are also some obstacles generated from the differences in the dimensional spaces and the format of lives. Therefore, only when fellow relatives have uplifted or have the ability to ascend to higher dimensional worlds would you have the opportunity to continue learning the more advanced universe knowledge.

This is the teaching and guidance which this book “The Celestial Phenomena” would give to all members of the family group. It is hoped that all fellow relatives in each and every world will make due efforts to study earnestly, learn and strive to uplift yourselves. Only when fellow relatives have been uplifted and transformed can you gain greater opportunity for development. This book “The Celestial Phenomena” is one that provides all relatives with such an opportunity.

Received on June 25, 2017

(The End)


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