Chapter 18 The Courage to Challenge

The warriors of the Righteous family group all possess the spirit of courage to challenge, and it is only through the courage to take on challenges can one secure the opportunity to uplift and grow speedily. Since, as a lifeform of highly intelligent species, if there is no bravery to accept challenges, then it would be impossible to gain further trainings, and also impossible to attain the opportunity for rapid growth.

The courage to take up challenges is a very positive spirit and all highly intelligent species possess this kind of spirit. Only through constant challenges can we unleash our greater potential and talent. For a family group to achieve growth, it is necessary to have a batch of family members who possess the courageous spirit to challenge. Without people who dare to take on challenges and attempt different experimentations will make it very difficult for a family group to achieve growth. How is it possible to accumulate experiences without trying? As long as we courageously challenge and make attempts ourselves, even if we fail, we can also sum up the experiences from the process of failures and build on a solid foundation for future success.

In order to succeed in challenging a matter, it often requires many failures in challenges as the foundation. In the universe, there is almost not a single matter or task that can be succeeded simply through just one attempt. They all require putting in a lot of efforts, and making many trials before the challenge can be successfully met. Challenge means attempting something which we have never tried and experienced before. If it is just by doing something that is within our means, then that is not considered as a challenge. Therefore, I am telling fellow relatives that it is impossible to beget success just by trying out once when challenging on something which has never been previously handled. Even if that happens, it would only be a very small challenge, and it would not be considered a great one. The greater the challenges, the larger would be the numbers of endeavor necessary to be undertaken.

For instance, to establish worlds is considered the greatest challenge for life levels such as ours. This is because the energy fields in the universe have different characteristics, and to establish a world in an energy field which has not been tried or challenged before would require us to put in a lot of efforts and energy before there is a chance to succeed. Moreover, it may not necessarily be successful at times because our abilities are also limited. On top of this, it would take a very long period of time to establish a world. From understanding of the ground terrains to the establishing of a world successfully, that is to say, providing fellow relatives an environment to procreate and train well, it will take a few million years or even tens of millions of years. Only when more experiences have been accumulated and also greater abilities possessed that the time taken to establish a world can be shortened. As might be expected, this would also require to see if the difficulty level is huge when establishing the specific kind of worlds. The greater the difficulties, the longer would be the time needed.

By conveying these to fellow relatives, it is to let fellow relatives know that as an individual who builds and establishes world, if the spirit of daring to challenge is absent, it would be forever impossible to achieve success because this type of spirit is the foundation for establishing a world. Only people who arm themselves with this spirit would not be afraid of failures. People who have fear for failures can never assume this task, nor will they choose to walk on such a life path.

In the universe, all Creators and the Founders and Builders do possess the courageous spirit to face challenges. If, without the support of such a spirit, it would be difficult to remain persistent. This is because not only must the Creators and the Founders and Builders possess very high wisdom and strong abilities, they will also require to have immense patience. Only when these prerequisites are met can they choose to walk on such a path.

At this juncture, our family group has a batch of such talented individuals. However, there is still a need for a large contingent of Founders and Builders since our family group has now possessed many territories at the much higher dimensional spaces. If we do not cultivate talents in this field, even if the pertinent management division has granted us more of the higher level territories, our family group would also be incapable of proceeding and developing them. To fulfil such an aspiration, we will need more brave warriors within our family members who dare to take up challenges, to cultivate well in this aspect of skills and aptitudes so as to have ample preparations for the establishment of new worlds at much higher levels in the future when the occasion arises.

Although establishing a new world is an arduous undertaking, it is nonetheless filled with surprises and fresh discoveries too. To a person who is bold to face challenges, this is a great opportunity. As long as you have a healthy mindset and are well-prepared, you will be able to achieve gradual upliftment in the path of establishing homeland, allowing the family group to gain greater progress. As our family group is so massive that it is definitely necessary to have a batch of people with such talents to shoulder the responsibility.

To all fellow relatives in each and every world, if you are interested in establishing new worlds, you must train well now, allowing yourselves to possess the ability to establish worlds. Without possessing that type of capability, there will not be such an opportunity available to you.

By relaying these messages to fellow relatives at the varied levels of the worlds serve the purpose of offering you this particular direction. The worlds of higher dimensional spaces need all types of talents; therefore, irrespective of the occupations fellow relatives are doing now, as long as you have mastered your skills and competencies, continuously elevate your energy frequency and the level of your behavioural disposition, you shall all have an opportunity to develop further.

Through this article “The Courage to Challenge”, I wish to tell all members in the family group that at present, the family group is focusing on cultivating talents to establish new worlds. If fellow relatives have this aspect of capability and aspiration, it is hoped that after having understood these truths, you can make ample preparations. Not only must you readily possess adequate high-frequency energy and elevate constantly the level of your behavioral disposition and self-cultivation, you must also possess the full potential in establishing new world. As long as you have sufficiently prepared these three aspects, you will be able to fulfil your aspiration. In fact, any fellow relative who has a sense of responsibility and mission will possess the spirit to challenge, and will want to accentuate your greater worth. The reason is that you and I belong to the same descendents of the Righteous Family group, and I believe that fellow relatives will also possess the same kind of spirit which I have.

If fellow relatives possess such capabilities, please do not hide your potentials and talents as the family group will provide equal opportunity to everyone. I believe that under our leadership, whatever we can do, fellow relatives will surely be able to achieve it too. So long as you are willing to work hard, regardless of your job and field of speciality, you will be able to embody a greater worth.

As long as fellow relatives do not give up and know how to transform yourselves, you will all have an opportunity for upliftment since we are born with such capability. Through learning and transforming yourselves seriously, there will be a day when those inborn capabilities of yours be manifested. When these potentials are stimulated and unleashed, you will be more capable of accentuating a much greater worth.

As we live in the universe, every individual is constantly challenging himself/herself. People with stronger ability can forge ahead with greater challenges, whereas those who are lesser in capability should also attempt to accept some smaller challenges. As long as you possess the spirit to take on challenges, sooner or later, in the process of challenging yourselves continually, you will become more capable of accepting greater challenges.

This is the message which this article “The Courage to Challenge” is conveying to fellow relatives. Hopefully after having understood the truth, you will all possess the courageous spirit to take up challenges. This is also one of the noble qualities which the Righteous lifeforms like us would possess.

Received on June 25, 2017


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