Chapter 17 Rapid Advancement

By conveying such a topic, it serves to inform all members of the family group that the Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe can provide an opportunity of rapid advancement for each and every family group in all the lower dimensional spaces. Because it is only during this time frame that the pertinent high level division of the universe would render a much higher level of support. Although there are help and support available during the normal period, it is not that much unlike the amount of help given during the periods of the Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe.

Family group like ours which are slightly underdeveloped, if we do not grasp such an opportunity, it would be very difficult to achieve speedy development. Since our family group has been developed for over a billion years, I have experienced the entire process of the development phase of our family group, and therefore, am very clear that our family group has been relying on each and every Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe to attain a much faster growth. This is my experience, hence I wish to relay these truths to fellow relatives living in each and every world.

Once fellow relatives have known of these truths, you must learn to seize the opportunity. In fact, the Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe not only enables our family group to receive opportunity for faster growth, it also allows fellow relatives to achieve the chance of a rapid leap in advancement. A family group is made up of many family members, if they are not uplifted, and not improving, then how is it possible for the entire family group to achieve rapid development? If we do not know how to capture this rare opportunity, and instead to rely only on the usual slow progression, the family group would be stagnated for a few hundred million years. With regard to fellow relatives who are living in different worlds, it is truly hard to perceive the concept of a few hundred millions of years. In which case, if all family members wish to achieve a much faster elevation and development, you have to grab such an opportunity like the Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe.

When fellow relatives have come to realize such a truth, you must cherish it. This is because during the phase of the Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe, the related higher division of the universe will provide us with various aspects of help and support such as advanced knowledge, high-end technology and high-frequency energy, among others. By just solely relying on our own efforts without the help and backing from various aspects, how is it possible for us to be uplifted rapidly? In a world including individual, it is only when we comprehend more of the secrets of the universe as well as possessing more advanced technology and higher-frequency energy that we can have an opportunity to proceed and develop at the higher dimensional spaces.

Naturally, should fellow relatives wish to receive these positive high-frequency energies descending to Earth from the highest energy source of the universe, and the positive high-frequency energy given by the higher relevant management division of the Righteous strength, you must transform yourselves, continue to emit high-frequency positive information constantly, become selfless persons who dedicate yourselves, and serve the Righteous universe. This is because only when a person continues to emit positive high-frequency information can they absorb the high-frequency positive information and energy given by the cosmic energy fields and the Righteous strength. For those low-frequency or negative-energy people, they will only receive low-frequency or negative information and energy. This is the Truth of the Universe.

By telling this truth to all fellow relatives, it is hoped that fellow relatives will be able to grasp the upliftment opportunity. Only when fellow relatives have been uplifted and are able to ascend to the worlds or spheres of the high dimensional spaces will the family group possess the occasion to advance quickly. If there are no available talents, how could the family group progress? As a matter of fact, there are many talented individuals in our family group, it is just that they are scattered at the worlds of various dimensional spaces and have yet to possess enough energy to elevate themselves at this juncture. And for this reason, I have tried every means to convey these truths to fellow relatives living in each and every world.

At present, fellow relatives have already acquired a full set of proficient skills. However, you must, through your own efforts, change yourselves, emit high-frequency positive information constantly, and become altruistic and selfless contributors in order to attain these high-frequency energies. These high-frequency energies are the foundations for the upliftment of fellow relatives. If you do not grab hold of this opportunity, even if you may have mastered a skill set, fellow relatives may not have any opportunity to display your skills. This is because in the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces, there is no space for fellow relatives to demonstrate and advance your abilities to greater levels.

At this point in time, each and every family group in the entire grand universe is disseminating the universe knowledge widely. Of course, the better developed and more capable family groups have already disseminated this knowledge to each and every world of theirs, and hence family groups like them have had attained rapid development. Whereas within our family group, there are some parts of the Yang-property worlds which are still unable to receive the dissemination of this knowlegde temporarily due to the lack of talents who can receive it. As a result of this, our family group is still incapable of disseminating this knowledge to all the worlds now. This is the current situation of our family group. Of course, it is the responsibilities of all members of the family that the family group has not been able to achieve sound growth. If all members in the family group do not have great sense of responsibility and mission, not wanting to contribute to the family group, think only for themselves and also do not possess the consciousness of leading other fellow relatives for upward progression, then it would be normal that the family group is underdeveloped.

Currently, our family group has been greeted with such a great opportunity; if fellow relatives still do not know how to grasp such an opportunity to transform yourselves, to accumulate enough energy, thereby uplifting to higher level of worlds to develop, then it would imply that the wisdom level of fellow relatives is very limited. A person’s capability is no doubt important, but wisdom is the key foundation for survival for every highly intelligent lifeform. We are originally highly intelligent lifeforms, if we do not have wisdom, we would lose the significance of living in the universe. Although we also need capabilities, wisdom is needed even more since it is only when we possess both capability and wisdom can we truly call ourselves highly intelligent lifeforms. And, only with the combined capability and wisdom prevailing can we exert our greater impacts on the universe.

Precisely because wisdom is so distinctly important that I have been exhorting to fellow relatives living in each and every world that although you have already acquired masterly skills, you will still need to increase your wisdom and enlarge your vision. You must pursue more of the realities of life itself and the truth of the universe, strive to elevate your life level and improve your behavioural disposition and self-cultivation, accumulate positive energy, allowing your life level to hit a much rapid elevation. You must not miss this golden opportunity gifted to you during the current Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe.

During the passage of our life journey, such an opportunity is very rare. This is by virtue of the fact that the universe has its own laws, and the higher management division of the Righteous universe has also drawn up its relevant laws and regulations to manage the universe. Therefore, fellow relatives must not assume that as long as you have strived and contributed at any phase of your life, you will receive rapid upliftment. If this is the case, our family group would not be still situating in such a stage as it is now. It is due to the fact that I have been through several Great Ascensions of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Processes of the Universe that I have come to understand further truths in this aspect. I am relaying truthfully to fellow relatives what I have seen and understood with the hope that fellow relatives would cherish it because some of you may not necessarily be able to experience such a process. In other words, if fellow relatives cannot keep pace with the development and progress of the universe, you might disappear in the universe at any time.

At this very moment, to be able to go through the current Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe, people with the slightest of wisdom will know that this is a golden opportunity, a chance of a lifetime for upliftment, and they will seize this opportunity. Of course, people without wisdom will not think much about it, and even be dismissive because they only believe in themselves, or believe it only when they see it for themselves.

Right here, I shall tell all members of the family group in all seriousness that: if you do not possess a certain level of ability and positive energy, you may not necessarily have the opportunity to see this very process. If you wish to witness all that I have said, it is only possible when you have transformed yourselves and elevated your energy frequency; otherwise, there may not be such an opportunity. This is to say that regardless of whatever situations you are in now, as long as you can transform yourselves, elevate your energy frequency, sooner or later, you will find a chance to witness such a fact.

As the Founder and Builder of our small universe family group, I have nothing to ask of from all fellow relatives. All that I have done is actually accentuating my life’s self-worth; as a Righteous lifeform, I must serve the Righteous universe. This is because it is the Righteous universe that has given us everything we have owned. We have only to give our very best in order to repay the Righteous universe for giving us such a grand training platform and the opportunity to embody our values.

In fact, in the universe, nothing really belongs to us because all of these belong to the grand universe. If we have the required degree of wisdom, we would understand these principles. Since our lives also belong to the grand universe, then why should we be persistently attached? What more should we implore?

As a created lifeform, only when we continue to dedicate and serve the universe can we embody the greatest values of this miniscule life. This shall be the correct way of surviving and is also the ultimate goal of our life journey. When fellow relatives have gained this level of awareness, you will be able to transform yourselves, and I believe that our family group will then be able to make use of the present Great Ascension of the Universe and the Major Restructuring Process of the Universe to achieve a much greater and faster leap. This is my aspiration and is also the aspiration of the Ancestors at the higher-dimensional spaces.

Received on June 25, 2017


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