Chapter 16 Our Hopes

By expounding on this subject “Our Hopes”, it serves the purpose of allowing fellow relatives to know where our hopes are in the family group.

In general, our family group has two hopes.

Firstly, our family group has a massive population numbers to develop the worlds which we have established. Although there are some relatives within the family group who have yet to be awakened, and have not realized the truths of our family group, as long as they continue to train and uplift themselves in the worlds where they are living in, sooner or later, there will be a day where they are able to gain the ability to ascend to the worlds of higher dimensional spaces for development and contribute a greater strength to the family group.

Irrespective of whether this portion of fellow relatives are aware of these truths, they are still the hope of the family group. In other words, as long as they have righteousness and possess positive energy, and continue to serve the world in which they are living in, they will have an opportunity to rise to the worlds of the higher dimensional spaces to continue serving the family group. Of course, if all fellow relatives can understand these truths, I believe that you will have a much greater ability to elevate to much higher dimensional spaces. This is because the more truth you have known, the greater the sense of responsibility and mission you will possess, and the more you will know how to accumulate more of the positive higher-frequency energy. This is the foundation of elevating to the worlds of higher dimensional spaces.

Secondly, at this present moment, the pertinent high level management division of the universe has already approved of a batch of physical and non-physical planets of varied levels for our family group to establish. In other words, at this juncture, our family group has already possessed some territories of varied levels at the high dimensional spaces, and we have been given the opportunity to ascend toward higher dimensional spaces for further development. By receiving the opportunities to go to so many lands and territories to develop the new worlds simultaneously, that certainly is the hope of our family group.

If a family group is incapable of proceeding to a higher dimensional space for development, then it would be impossible to offer more training and upliftment opportunities to the members of the family group. Therefore, having gained the chance to advance to much higher dimensional spaces to develop is the hope of the entire family group.

By telling all members of the family group these truths, it is hoped that fellow relatives are aware that regardless of whichever world you are living in at present, and the kinds of jobs you are doing, you must cultivate yourselves. Not only must you upgrade your set of skills and improve your behavioural disposition and self-cultivation, more so you must elevate your energy frequencies, allowing yourselves to gain the opportunity to ascend to much higher dimensional spaces to develop. In the past, fellow relatives were unaware of this out of helplessness, as there were no choices to make. Now that fellow relatives have acquired this knowledge and understood the truth, you can renew and set new goals in life, and choose the correct life path.

As lifeforms living in the universe, it is necessary to accentuate greater values, and therefore, you must not constrain yourselves. Being highly intelligent lifeforms, we have the inborn capabilities to rise up to the worlds of higher dimensional spaces. We must not stay put at any one world. In the universe, there is not a single world which can enable us to gain an integrated and comprehensive development. It is only when we are trained at different worlds can our combined abilities receive a bigger leap in upliftment. All the worlds in which our family group has created and built possessed their own special characteristics. When a specific world is originally intended for cultivating a particular talent pool, then that plan would be followed through to establish that particular world.

To all fellow relatives living in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces, you have all along been training at the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces; now that the family group has already owned greater spaces for development, and if you wish to go to the worlds of the higher dimensional spaces to continue your training and play a much bigger role, then you must strive continuously, master a set of real abilities and elevate your own energy frequencies. This is not an attempt to tempt you, instead it is giving you an opportunity to accentuate toward a much greater worth. As an individual lifeform, we all need continuity in upliftment and development. As for the entire family group, of course, we must also work diligently to move forward and grow, otherwise we will not escape the fate of being eliminated by the universe.

All members in our family group are together as a whole because we live within the same family group which make us the much adored and beloved relatives. The reason that I have come to lead you now is because as one of the founding members of the family group, I have the responsibility and obligation to help fellow relatives of the family group to uplift and advance.

I have duly informed fellow relatives that as lifeforms surviving in the universe, it is only when we continue to elevate and develop can we avoid being eliminated by the universe. Even as we are fortunate to be still living in the universe now, but with the ongoing ascension and development of the universe, if we do not have ample preparations, we would be eliminated eventually.

Having spoken such truths, not only does this allow all fellow relatives of our family group to see hope, but at the same time, also to rescue and help fellow relatives. Since all of you are my beloved relatives, I do not wish to see the tragic scenarios of elimination. If, unfortunately, you were being eliminated, as the Founder and Builder of the family group, you can imagine the kind of suffering and pain I have to endure! Precisely because of this, I have earnestly come forward to advise and forewarn fellow relatives living at the varied worlds, hoping that you would be awakened and stopped being confused, and not constraining or confining yourselves within the world you are residing in. With the vast expanse of the universe, and as highly intelligent human species, our space for development is incredibly wide.

Informing these truths to fellow relatives is also my due responsibility. If you still think that this is deceiving you, or feel that this is superstition, then you are far too conceited. If you have become such a person, there is nothing much I can do as I have already tried my very best. Even if there is a day when I really see you leaving this world, I would not feel regretful or in anguish for not discharging my duties toward you.

Having conversed so, my heart sank with heaviness because there are some fellow relatives in the family group who have harboured such narrow-minded thinking. If fellow relatives still do not want to change, fail to elevate your own energy frequencies, then fellow relatives would not even be in the know of the manners in which you would depart this world. This would be a humiliation and disgrace to a highly intelligent lifeform. If fellow relatives wish to walk this path, there is nothing else I can do either!

By telling fellow relatives these truths, I have already fulfilled my duty and responsibility. As the Founder and Builder of the family group, I will still continue to strive assiduously for the upward development and upliftment of the family group. Only by making such efforts can I give the family group a wider scope of opportunities. I do not wish to witness our family group to be in a state of being eliminated because we cannot keep pace with the cosmic advancement.

If there are some fellow relatives in the family group who still refuse to hear such advices, then there is not much else we can think of. Nevertheless, for the greater benefits of the family group, we will put in our best efforts to build and establish worlds of much higher level. Only in this way can we give fellow relatives further hope of survival.

Received on June 24, 2017


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