Chapter 15 Leadership

As we live in the universe as highly intelligent human species, there has always been a pertinent high level management division that leads us toward upliftment and advancement. The universe is an entirety in origin, with varied levels of worlds mutually helping and promoting each other’s growth. The worlds of higher level would lead the worlds of lower level to develop upward constantly, as this is the survival and development mode of the Righteous universe.

Of course, the higher-level lifeforms in the grand universe Righteous Family group are also willing to assist the lifeforms of lower-level anytime. This is because the lower-level lifeforms would receive rapid elevation and development under the guidance of the higher-level lifeforms, thereby making a much greater contribution toward the universe. Whilst the higher-level lifeforms are rendering their help to the lower-level lifeforms, they will also receive simultaneous training, growth and upliftment. This is the impact when the higher-level lifeforms lead the lower-level lifeforms in the Righteous universe. If the higher-level worlds and lifeforms did not lead the worlds and lifeforms at the lower-level, it would be very difficult for the universe to achieve an overall upward development. This is due to the fact that the universe is an entirety, and no single world or any lifeform can survive independently in the vast universe. They all need the joint efforts of all lifeforms and worlds to achieve better development.

The Righteous Family group in the grand universe, the worlds in alliances, harmony and mutual affection, cooperative support and collaborative development is a kind of survival and development mode deeply etched into the life of every member of the Righteous Family group. Therefore, as long as the Righteous Family members have a certain degree of life level, they would, in their own world, help lead the lifeforms who are weaker than themselves.

This form of leadership in the Righteous universe has brought about an impact in promoting the overall speedy advancement of the universe. For example, in our Small Universe Family group, it is a slightly underdeveloped family group, and if there is no help and leadership guidance from the relevant higher-level division and the better developed family groups, it would be very difficult to gain elevation and development solely through our own capabilities. This is because every family group has its own inadequacies and weaknesses. Our family group can rely only on the help and support from the relevant higher-level division and other allied family groups to be able to receive rapid ascension; otherwise, it will be very difficult to develop further.

When we are weaker in our abilities, we must be humble and seek help, and not be self-conceited and arrogant. This is because in the universe, there are higher-level of lifeforms in existence whose capabilities and wisdom that are far more advanced than us, and their (its) worlds have already achieved stellar development.

Within our living spaces, there are innumerable small universes which are better developed than our family group, not mentioning that of the higher-spaces which are way beyond our living spaces. To what extent those places have been developed is not within our grasp to understand. We only know of their existence, and we are also aware that all along they have been helping us. This is because every time our family group faces some calamities, we will get to receive help and support from the various Righteous strength. We are able to identify some of these sources of support, however, there are others that are beyond our scope of knowledge. For examples, we may not necessarily be aware of the assistance rendered to us from the pertinent higher divisions.

It is due to the help and support of the relevant higher-level department of the universe and other Righteous power that our family group has been able to navigate through all kinds of trials and tribulations. Every time we met with calamities, such situations where assistance is needed will happen. Although it is hard for us to understand, and we do not have the ability to witness it, we can feel it nonetheless, since they have the capabilities to overcome the danger. This is not a fairy tale, but an actual fact in reality. It is due to our much lower life level that we are incapable of seeing the advanced existences in the universe, and also lacking the ability to know the methods they have employed to help us get through with all kinds of tribulations. But I believed that so long as we continue to serve the Righteous and become its strength which advocates the upward development of the universe, we will definitely be able to receive help from the various sectors of the Righteous power.

This is my personal realization, and such apperception has gained the approval of the pioneers and Ancestors. The reason being that they have lived in the universe for a much longer period, and they have had such experiences before. Accordingly, as lifeforms living in the lower dimensional spaces, we must not make undue judgement when we are still incapable of knowing more of the secrets of the universe. We only need to know that there are always the advanced existences who will lead us to move forward and elevate. So long as we are living in accordance with the laws of the universe, and helping continually with the upward development of the universe, we shall receive more of such support. Of course, when we are in a position to do so, we must also render help to those worlds and lifeforms that are less capable than us, and lead them toward upliftment and advancement.

We must henceforth propagate these noble spirit, the survival and development mode of the Righteous universe because we are the Righteous lifeforms, and we serve only the Righteous. We have the responsibilities to lead lifeforms who are weaker than us to advance forward, and this is our responsibility and obligation. I do hope that every relative has such awareness. If we do not possess such abilities yet, we must humbly accept the guidance of other people in order that we can achieve expeditious upliftment and development in this manner. As the descendants of the Righteous Family group, we must not let these noble spirit, the survival and development mode to stagnate, we should pass them on and let them flourish and propagate forever. Only when we have done this can we influence more fellow relatives. This is because such noble spirit, the survival and development mode are the core values of the Righteous Universe Grand Family group.

The Righteous Family group is based on a top down hierarchical leadership to achieve rapid growth. In other words, there is not a single world which relies on its own ability to survive and receive rapid elevation and development on its own because between the worlds, there is this impact of mutual learning and integration. Of course, the relevant management division at the higher-level has the responsibility and obligation to lead us since leading the worlds toward ascension and development within the scope of their jurisdiction is also their responsibility.

We are the descendants of the Righteous Family group, we have to propagate these noble spirit, the survival and development mode of the Righteous Family group. Regardless of the level and the phase of life we find ourselves in, we will be invariably led or have the opportunity to lead others. It depends on how great an effort we make, and how capable we are in leading more people and the world at large. Only when we have trained ourselves over a prolonged period of time in the universe and enhanced our abilities can we achieve this.

Hence, as highly intelligent human species, our level of ascension potential is huge, and we can, through our own efforts, continue to elevate and develop. Eventually, I believe that one day we would also possess a much greater ability to lead more lifeforms toward upliftment and development, thereby exerting the greatest impact in the universe that a minute lifeform could bring into play.

This is the guidance which this article titled “Leadership” brings to fellow relatives. Hopefully, fellow relatives will have such awareness, and be aware that being able to take the lead of others is such a great honour, and also understand how meaningful it is for us to be capable of leading others. This is the noble spirit of the Righteous universe, and it can influence us by allowing us to possess higher degree of nobleness. It is the responsibilities and obligations of the Righteous lifeforms to pass on the survival and development mode of the Righteous universe, and to propagate the noble spirit of the Righteous universe to help with the upward development of the universe.

Received on June 24, 2017


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