Chapter 13 Differences in Appearance

Whatever the type of unique characteristics or traits a lifeform possesses, the outer appearance will take its form respectively. For instance, by observing the external appearances of humans in the universe, we would be able to gauge the basic abilities of human beings. This is because when the Creators develop a species, they would consider in what way that particular species could adopt in order to serve the universe, thereby bestowing the species their respective capabilities. In order to allow a lifeform to possess a specific capability, it is necessary to match a suitable body for the lifeform to execute its own mission.

In fact, from the external appearance of a lifeform, we can foretell the basic abilities that it possesses. When we have acquired this basic knowledge, we would be able to have a preliminary understanding of the species in the universe. In other words, we can understand the fundamental state of being of a lifeform from its appearance. For example, if the body of a lifeform is very big or very small, we would also be able to perceive the basic level of ability that it possesses.

However, in the case of the evil species, it is not possible to tell their evil traits solely from their external appearances. Under such circumstances, we can only observe the kind of characters this species possesses. For example, there are some people whose external appearances are like us, however, their inner hearts are unkind, or even filled with evilness. Regardless of the sizes of the evil species, most of them would possess a definite degree of aggressiveness. There are some evil species whose sizes and build are very small, but due to their capability of producing highly toxic substances, the degree of harm caused upon us is no less than those of the larger sized species, as these are the abilities bestowed upon them by the evil creators. For the sake of allowing their own worlds to achieve rapid development, the evil creators have continually produced aggressive species to help serve their worlds. Because it is only through this can they possess more power to pillage the lands of our Righteous worlds, thus achieving the goals of expanding their own territories.

By disseminating this lesson to fellow relatives, it is hoped that fellow relatives can have the awareness of self-protection and know how to observe things and matters regardless of the kind of living spaces you are surviving in. For the Righteous species, we can, through observing their outward appearances, understand some most basic characteristics of the lifeforms. However, for the evil species, we can rely only on our accumulated experiences to recognize their original nature, or characters, so as to better protect ourselves.

As a highly intelligent lifeform, we have to possess the awareness and skills of self-protection, and not be harmed by the evil species and leave this world without actually accentuating any worth. In this way, not only have you failed to exert any impact as a highly intelligent lifeform, but also not embodied any worth.

It is possible that the evil species could exist in any lower-dimensional spaces of the universe. Of course, their emergence can also urge and encourage us, and play a role in helping us to raise our level of wisdom, increase our awareness of self-protection and, at the same time, stimulate and uplift our Righteous strength. If, without the presence of the evil species, the lifeforms living in the lower-dimensional spaces would be easily thrown off guard and would not raise their awareness of protecting and defending themselves.

To better protect ourselves, our family members and relatives, we must continuously draw conclusions from our battles with the evil species to raise our level of wisdom, and advance our capabilities to live in the universe. These are the roles and effects which the evil species have caused in the lower-dimensional spaces. No matter how evil they are, and how they have harmed us, we must still be thankful to them. This is because their presence has brought about the opportunity for us to train and uplift ourselves.

In the universe, whether it is the Righteous species or the evil species, and regardless of the kinds of appearances and embodiments they have, as long as we are attentive in our observations, able to draw conclusions from our experiences and continue to increase our level of wisdom, we will be able to train and gather the basic ability to judge for ourselves. Once our abilities and wisdom become higher, we will be more capable of recognizing the nature of life through observing the outward appearances of the lifeforms.

This is the basic teachings in which the article “Differences in Appearance” would offer to fellow relatives. It is therefore hoped that fellow relatives can benefit from it, and reinforce your awareness of self-protection, thereby protecting our relatives around us and our Righteous worlds. At the same time, we must also uplift ourselves from these processes, thereby increasing the ability to become an iconic human in the universe, adding to a greater glory for our family group and building a series of shinning records for our Righteous universe, and from these, accomplishing a beautiful life journey and accentuating a greater worth.

Received on June 23, 2017


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