Chapter 12 Procreation

Within the boundary of our living space, there are only two types of reproductive systems in the movable lifeforms – the first is viviparity, and the other is oviparity. As to the type of reproductive methods for future generations by the advanced existences and the lifeforms beyond this life space, I have no knowledge of it at the present moment.

Whilst the Creators develop the viviparous species, they have duly considered the reproductive method which will allow these species to exert a greater impact on the universe. In fact, it can be understood this way: that the high-level lifeforms are mostly procreated via viviparity. The abilities possessed by the viviparous species are much stronger in the universe. Of course, what I am saying is for the majority of the cases, nothing absolute. The Creators have configured the higher-level species in such a way which was concluded from past experiences.

The Creators know that only through this method of procreation can these species achieve the expectations and desired effects of this setup. This is because the young life inside the mother’s womb can be nurtured by the mother’s love, and received a kind of special protection too. With the mother’s love and this basic protection, the disturbances from the information of the outside world will be weaker. At the same time, living inside the mother’s body for a period of time also ensures a stable growth in the initial stage. This is because the higher-level lifeforms, whilst forming into a complete life inside the mother’s womb, will also be able to receive the complete information that is needed from the mother’s body before they are born.

This is to say, when a young life comes into this world, it needs the father to provide the Seed of the life body and the mother providing a conducive nurturing condition, whereupon through the mother’s pregnancy, it will receive the required completeness of life information. Without going through such a procreating and nurturing process, this young life would not be able to rely on itself to complete the basic foundation of life, as it is only through such a nurturing cycle can it be bestowed with such abilities. When the right time arrives, and when this young life has already possessed all the basic abilities that a life should have, can it come into this world and survive in the universe as an independent individual. Only in this way would it possess stability. This is the type of procreation method of the higher-level lifeforms, and it is also the experience summed up by the Creators as a result of the continual process when creating lives.

As highly intelligent lifeforms, the procreation process for humans is also similar in kind. The only difference is that, following the parents of the Yang-property world having physical intimacy and forming of an embryo, it would require the working team members of the relevant management department of the Yin universe to implant the Core Life System. This Core Life System is the creation of the advanced existence beyond the Life Space, and it includes the setups of noble characters and many functionalities of the highly intelligent lifeforms, as well as much of other higher settings, etc. If the Creators do not set up the Core Life System for highly intelligent lifeforms, then the highly intelligent lifeforms would not be able to support and mobilize that many functionalities and such potent procedural sequences. It is precisely because the Creators have such special settings that the procreation method of the highly intelligent lifeforms differs from the lower-level species, in that it would need the parents in the Yang-property world to have physical intimacies; and when an embryo is formed, the working team members of the relevant management department would implant the Core Life System in order for a human to be developed after a fixed nurturing period. It is only with such special setups that the highly intelligent lifeforms can play their respective roles in the universe.

Of course, it is a fact that procreation is also one of the highest scientific and technological achievements of the Creators. It is just that it is necessary to contribute much more effort in its research in order to create lifeforms of the higher-level. In which case, I have been telling fellow relatives that we are still unaware of the reproductive methods of those lifeforms living beyond our spaces and that of the advanced existences. We have only managed to gain some fundamental insights on the reproductive ways of lifeforms like us.

The other type of procreation method is oviparity. Oviparity is the breeding method of the lower-level lifeforms. They only require the Seed of Life to form inside the mother’s womb, and they can be born by relying on the respective energy and information provided by the external energy fields and information fields. Varied levels of lifeforms can possess an ideal survival foundation when they are nurtured in a suitable environment. For example, those lifeforms which physically move on land naturally have their own breeding methods; whereas lifeforms which physically move in the ocean would also have the natural conditions necessary for them to use the kind of breeding methods in creating lives. In the ocean, there are not many high-level species, and the lifeforms that physically move in the ocean also utilize the prevailing natural conditions to procreate, with most of them through oviparity mode. The oviparous lifeforms on land also require a specific environment to procreate, whereby the Creators would follow the different traits of each species and accord them with different settings. As long as the species follow the guidance of their own life’s information, including their own survival experiences, they will have the capability to create offsprings. This is the instinctive capacity of such lifeforms.

By disseminating the foundation knowledge to fellow relatives on the procreation methods of lifeforms, it is hoped that fellow relatives can understand the ways in which movable lifeforms come into existence in this world.

Why do the Creators set up these two types of procreation methods, that is, the viviparity and oviparity? In fact, this setup is based on the various levels and categories of species as well as the different traits that each species possesses. As can be seen here, it is extremely difficult for a lifeform to come into this world as this can only be realized through much hard work and efforts contributed by so many people. As we show gratitude to the mighty Creators, we must also show gratitude to our fathers and mothers who have nurtured us. They are equally great, especially our mothers. This is because by adopting the viviparity method of procreating lives, the mothers have to go through a great amount of pain and suffering.

As Righteous lifeforms, if we do not know the kind of procreation mode which has been adopted for us to come into this world, then we would not have a heart of gratitude. And a grateful heart is a basic conscience in which a Righteous lifeform must behold, and it is also the most important foundation of being a human. Without the most basic element of conscience, the lifeform does not belong to the Righteous life then.

By conveying this basic knowledge to all fellow relatives, it is to let fellow relatives be aware of the difficulties the Creators have endured in creating us and that of the providing and nurturing by our parents. Whilst we are showing our gratitude to the Creators and our parents who have brought us up, we must also be grateful to the grand cosmos which has given us the opportunity to live in the universe. As Righteous lifeforms, we must know how to be grateful for everything. Because without all this, we would simply not exist, and we would also not have the opportunity to embody our worth in the universe.

As humans of the Righteous species, we must be grateful to the people who have given us life, and also be grateful to all the people, matters and things that we have embraced and experienced in our life journey, as it was them (it) who have given us the opportunity to grow. In conclusion, we must be grateful to everything around us because everything that is surrounding us is our very foundation for survival, and is also the platform in which we embody our own values. Without a heart of gratitude, we would also have lost the fundamental conscience as a Righteous lifeform!

Received on June 23, 2017


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