Chapter 11 The Outcome

As highly intelligent human species, whatever we have done and contributed to the universe, we will beget the same in return. By giving love, we will receive abundant love from the outside world. If we do not contribute anything, and merely living for ourselves only, then we will garner nothing. If we create evilness, cause undue damages to the universe constantly, then it will certainly be a tragic ending eventually. In other words, as a lifeform, whatever we have been doing for the cosmos, we will be getting the respective outcome. Regardless of whether it is a good outcome or a bad ending, it is the resulting effect and consequence of one’s doings and deeds. This is the truth of the universe.

Our every speech and action, every gesture and behaviour, are all emitting information. The information emitted by all lifeforms will form into a colossal information field in the universe. When a colossal information field impacts on the original, prevailing energy of the universe, it will have a huge influence on this massive energy fields. At the same time, with whatever type of information we send forth to the outside world, the colossal energy fields in the universe will reciprocate the respective information and energy to us in the exact kind, and these information and energy will have a corresponding impact on our lives. In other words, all the information we have emitted is capable of having an impact on the cosmic energy fields, and the cosmic energy fields will also be generating a very large impact on our own energy fields. This is owing to the fact that life itself is also an energy field; it is just that the individual energy field of a lifeform is weaker, whereas the energy fields of the universe is extremely strong. Therefore, whatever we have offered to the universe, we will receive the equivalent reward in return, which is so for every one of us. This is the irrefutable impact of the universe energy fields.

To the grand universe, the information emitted by a minute lifeform is perhaps insignificant. However, the colossal energy fields of the grand universe will resolutely generate a huge impact on this miniscule life of ours. When an individual lifeform contributes to the universe, the universe will reciprocate more information and energy upon us, which is the cause and effect relationship between the two. This is also the reason why I have been teaching fellow relatives that you must become selfless persons, must contribute toward the universe, and emit positive information at all times. Only in this way can you receive more high-frequency information and energy reciprocated from the cosmos. And this is the best way to improve and uplift ourselves. This is in view of the fact that these high-frequency information and energy gifted by the grand universe will be generating a great impact on our lives.

If we are a person who contributes selflessly, and has been serving the universe, not only will we receive an abundant of feedback from the cosmic energy fields, we will also receive support from the various sources of the Righteous strength. These help and support will allow us to uplift and grow speedily. Because when the higher-level Righteous power give us information and energy, it also includes their wisdom and capabilities. Accordingly, as long as we persevere in contributing selflessly to the universe, sooner or later we will achieve upliftment, thereby fulfilling our goals and become a much worthy lifeform.

In order to gain an ideal outcome of our life journey, this is the only right path of life for us to walk on. If we fail to become such a person, we would definitely be not having any good outcome because all the consequences are the results of the kinds of doings and deeds we have made. Giving love begets love; complaining and hating others will also receive other people’s complaints and hatred in return. Such consequences are brought about by our own choices and are not caused by other people. Fellow relatives must therefore be clear about this.

Hopefully after having understood these truths, fellow relatives can transform yourselves, allowing yourselves to possess a beautiful life, achieving a much better outcome, and not become a person targeted for complaints and hated by others, and certainly not the least in becoming a negative-energy lifeform. If you become a negative-energy lifeform, the consequences would be tragical, and that is not the life path which the descendants of the Righteous family group should walk on. The descendants of the Righteous family group can only walk on the path of Righteousness in order to achieve a good ending.

This is the truth in which this article “The Outcome” is conveying to fellow relatives. It is hoped that fellow relatives will gain some realization,  and strive to attain a good outcome in your life journey.

Received on June 23, 2017


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