Chapter 8 Transformation

Different levels of energy fields in the universe will all be influenced by information and generate changes constantly. In other words, the kind of information that exists within the universe will cause its energy fields to have a similar kind of transformation. If there is a significant growth of positive information in the universe, especially high-frequency positive information, the cosmic energy fields will become much higher in their frequencies under the impact of this positive high-frequency information. Conversely, if there is increasingly more negative information emerging in the universe, especially high-frequency negative information, the cosmic energy fields will also become more chaotic. These progressively chaotic energy fields will give the evil forces an opportunity for speedy development. The reason for the constant expansion of the evil forces is due to the fact that there are increasingly more lifeforms emitting negative information continually which provide the condition for the rapid development of the evil forces. This is the harm which negative information brings about to the universe.

We must not underestimate the extent of the information emitted by lifeforms since this information will determine the elevation or reduction of the frequency of the energy fields in the universe. Therefore, only when lifeforms are continually emitting positive information which impacts the cosmic energy fields do the frequency of the cosmic energy fields and the energy field of the individual lifeform become uplifted toward a positive direction, and be beneficial to the development of the universe. We must not think that the information we emit does not have any effect on the universe. If every person thinks and acts in a negative manner, the universe will accrue increasingly more negative information, thereby helping out with the rapid development of the negative power. With the emitting of such negative information by these lifeforms, they have ignorantly and unknowingly become the accomplices of the evil forces.

By conveying these truths to fellow relatives of the family group living in the worlds of different dimensional spaces, it is hoped that fellow relatives will transform yourselves after learning these truths, to constantly emit positive information in order to aid with the speedy advancement of the universe, and not to become the accomplices of the evil forces. As highly intelligent lifeforms, and the descendants of the Righteous family group, it would be a shame and a woeful state for the Righteous family group if we have unknowingly become the accomplices of the evil forces! This would have meant that our family group has indirectly cultivated talents for the evil power. Such circumstances are more prone to happen in the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces of our family group, and we have all along striven to change this situation.

In the past, fellow relatives have erred or walked the wrong path of life as they do not know the truths. This is understandable. At this present moment, we have disseminated the foundation universe knowledge to each and every world for the purpose of helping fellow relatives to understand these truths; to recognize the essence of life and thereby return to your Original Nature and the Right Path. In this way, fellow relatives will not continue to become the accomplices of the evil forces and contribute strength to the expansion of the evil worlds.

However, due to the limitation of our abilities, we were unable to disseminate this foundation universe knowledge to each and every world of our family group in the past. Although some positive information had been given to fellow relatives living in different worlds, however, the impact of this positive information is not large. This is especially so with the influence of the colossal negative energy fields and the control of the evil forces, the impact with which this positive information has on the lower-frequency worlds appears to be even more insignificant. With this in mind, we have been working on it deligently, always thinking of disseminating these fundamental universe knowledge and truths swiftly to each and every world to enable all fellow relatives to have an opportunity to learn and uplift themselves.

At the present moment, a section of the worlds in our family group has achieved that, but there is still a portion of the worlds which is incapable of doing it. This is because it is an arduous task to disseminate this knowledge in the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces, especially for the Yang-property worlds in the lower dimensional spaces where not anyone can accomplish it. Although our family group has achieved a certain degree of scientific and technological know-how, the lack of people who have the high frequency energy in those worlds has hindered our capability to transmit this knowledge. There is yet another reason: the person who will receive this knowledge must already have such a knowledge system when they were in the high dimensional spaces. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to fulfil this mission. In other words, if the person who receives this knowledge did not have such a knowledge system when he/she was in the Yin-property worlds of high dimensional spaces, and when this person descends into a Yang-property world, it would be very difficult for him/her to receive such knowledge based solely on technological means.

By conveying these truths to fellow relatives in each and every world, it is hoped that fellow relatives who have the opportunity to learn this foundation universe knowledge will cherish it with all your hearts. This is because this universe knowledge will help fellow relatives to elevate rapidly and return to the right path, thereby living a much better life in the universe. Whilst fellow relatives are acquiring this knowledge, you must also be grateful to the person who has risked his/her life in descending to a low-frequency world to disseminate this knowledge. Without the emergence of such a person, your world will not have such a systematic and advanced universe knowledge available for you to learn.

The energy fields in the universe are constantly transforming according to the information emitted by lifeforms. All lifeforms living in the universe will also follow the upward development of the universe, and are themselves better conditioned to uplift and change. As Righteous lifeforms, as long as you can return to your Self-nature and abide by your own conscience in surviving, you will not become an obstacle to the universe.

Since the universe is constantly transforming, I hope that fellow relatives living in each and every world will also learn to transform by upgrading and developing toward a positive direction, not to constrain yourselves, and also to discontinue the emissions of negative information in abetting the evil forces. If you want to radiate information, send forth information that is beneficial to the positive advancement of the universe. If every piece of information you radiate is a positive one, then you can do more of it; conversely, if you are incapable of ensuring that every emitted piece of information is positive in nature and helpful to the constructive growth of the universe, then you must learn to be quiet, allow your heart to settle down and try your best to emit lesser information. This is in view of the fact that as long as information is emitted, it will have an influence over the cosmic energy fields.

As long as the Righteous lifeforms are able to calm down your hearts and return to your Self-nature, you will gradually reduce the emission of negative information. This is because the Original Nature of the Righteous lifeforms is kindness, and they are born with noble qualities and morality including selfless devotion and others. The concern here is that fellow relatives could have your noble qualities obscured under the disturbance of the negative energy fields, affecting your capability in welding these innate qualities.

When you have understood these truths, you could stimulate and mobilize these inborn noble qualities to ensure that every piece of information you are emitting is a positive one. If you can do this, then it is unnecessary to constrain yourselves since you are already ensuring all information which you have emitted is beneficial to the growth and development of the universe. However, for those fellow relatives who are still unable to do so, you must learn to control yourselves and try your best to emit less information. This is the basic teachings which I can offer to fellow relatives in every world.

In view of the fact that changes and transformation are constantly taking place in the universe, we must, as lifeforms surviving in the universe, transform ourselves as well. Only with transformation can you not be complacent. As long as we survive and do things according to the natural order of the laws of the universe, we will be able to accentuate our worth very well in the universe and not downplay our individual roles. As highly intelligent lifeforms, if we survive in the universe without any values, then we would be wasting much of the abilities which the Creators have gifted us as well as the opportunity to come into this world.

As long as fellow relatives develop yourselves toward the positive direction, everything will become progressively better, and we will be able to appreciate the honour and glory of being a humble lifeform surviving in the vast universe. When we feel the multitude of abilities with which the Creators have gifted us, we will also be able to create our own worth in the universe that is way beyond our imaginations. And this worthiness is far much grander than life itself, and this is the significance of us living in the universe.

Received on: June 21, 2017


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