By expounding on this topic, it serves the purpose of allowing fellow relatives to gain a better understanding on larger objects and matters in the universe. Under the natural environment of the cosmos, when an object turns into a colossal sphere and when it possesses the conditions that enable lifeforms to establish a world on it, then regardless of whether or not any lifeform is going there to establish a world, we shall temporarily define such an object as a “Celestial Object” or “Celestial Body”. “Celestial” in this context can be understood as Nature. Since in Nature, these colossal bodies are capable of allowing lifeforms to survive in there for a long period, therefore, we shall name them as “Celestial Objects” so that it is easier for us to understand the universe.

“Celestial Object” or “Celestial Body” is a definition given by lifeforms like us, who understand it within our current level of capabilities. In different worlds, lifeforms of different levels will have different definitions for these colossal objects. Regardless of the name that has been given to these objects, it is good enough as long as fellow relatives can understand the truth of the universe and are able to upgrade your knowledge of the universe. It is not necessary to be overly concerned with the kind of names used to define it. In fact, the reason for naming these colossal objects as “celestial objects” is due to them having the prerequisite for lifeforms to establish a world.

With the impact of the cosmic energy fields, these celestial objects have gradually grown to their massive forms over the many years. Having been affected by the external energy fields for a prolonged period of time, these celestial objects are then gifted with a definite degree of abilities, thereby giving them the prerequisites for lifeforms to establish worlds. If a sphere of such massive proportion does not possess the prerequisite for lifeforms to establish a world, it would mean that it still does not have the large energy capacity yet. Undoubtedly, other than the energy factor that forms one of the most basic condition for the celestial objects to be capable of allowing lifeforms to survive in there for a long period, there are many other factors which are beyond detailed descriptions for fellow relatives. For such highly professional knowledge, fellow relatives have to study and acquire the knowledge systematically at our family group’s related specialised institutions.

The mysteries of the universe are innumerable and there are times when we are unable to find suitable words and language to describe them. Due to the limitation of my capability, I can only grasp certain secrets of the universe, but I am unable to give a perfect and complete account of them. The cosmos is vast and borderless and to understand more of the cosmic secrets is not something that can be done in a short span of time. Only when we continue to explore, observe in detail, and receive the cultivation and teachings from the higher related department can we gain some insight in understanding the certain fundamental truths of the universe.

It is precisely because certain celestial bodies have already possessed the conditions necessary for lifeforms to survive for a long period that the Founders and Builders would, within their own scope of abilities, proceed to those celestial objects to establish worlds. Assuredly, in order to construct homelands on celestial bodies, it is necessary to gain an in-depth knowledge of the celestial bodies as well as making full preparation tasks. This is because the celestial objects in the universe do have varied characteristics and features. Even if it is under the same frequency of energy fields, due to absorbing different cosmic information and energy, it will also generate celestial objects with different characteristics.

Since the celestial objects have different characteristics, in order to achieve better development within such an environment, it is necessary to create lifeforms according to the specific conditions there. Of course, in order to proceed to a celestial body to establish a world under such environmental condition, it would also require to consider arranging for the suitable types of species. All these require various kinds of attempts in order to be able to let the lifeforms emit positive information in that environment, so as to help with the advancement of the universe.

In general, to establish a homeland on a celestial body, some lifeforms of the lower-level species would be used first for experimentations over a period of time. This is the foundation groundwork to be done prior to founding and establishing a world. It is also an advanced preparation for the purpose of conveniently arranging for more advanced lifeforms in the future to adapt to the environment there. If that type of trial is successful, it is then possible to establish a highly civilized world in that celestial body. However, this is a very long process. This is the arduous part of founding and establishing a world.

The construction of a world requires not only ability and wisdom, but patience as well. Without patience, it is impossible to embark on such a task. This is because the time taken to establish a world on a celestial body can range from a short period of thirty thousand to fifty thousand years to a longer period of hundreds of thousands of years, or even a few million years. And this is only referring to the time needed to establish the Yin-property world on a Yang-property celestial object. The time needed to establish a Yang-property world would be much longer because establishing a Yang-property world involves the procreation of lifeforms, which is more complex and difficult. Surely, proceeding to a Yin-property celestial body to establish a Yin-property world is more difficult and complicated than establishing a Yin-property world on a Yang-property celestial object, hence, the time required would be longer than establishing a Yin-property world on a Yang-property celestial body. For instance, it could even take between one million to eight millions of years. This would depend on the varied level of energy fields and the complexity level for survival on the Yin-property celestial body. Therefore, as a Founder and Builder in the universe, without such psychological preparations and patience, it would be difficult to handle this task.

In the universe, there exist celestial objects with all sorts of different kinds of attributes. To achieve speedier cosmic development, it is necessary to create lifeforms of an advanced level to serve the universe. This requires the concerted efforts amongst the Creators. In fact, to realize such an aspiration, it will need the Founders and Builders to establish Yang-property worlds on much higher-level celestial objects. Only in this way can those lifeforms at a more advanced level have an opportunity to emerge in the universe because the Yang-property world is the foundation for the procreation of lives. In other words, if the Founders and Builders had not established high-level Yang-property worlds, it would be very difficult for the advanced level lifeforms to be procreated.

Without Yang-property worlds to serve as a foundation for the procreation process, the number of lifeforms would gradually diminish. This is reason that the senior management division of the universe has continually provided us with the various aspects of support and help, and encouraged us to establish the Yang-property worlds. In reality, the related department of the universe are more aware of the importance of establishing Yang-property worlds.

Since the Yang-property worlds are grounds for procreating lives, then, regardless of whether fellow relatives are living in Yang-property worlds or Yin-property worlds, you would have to come into the world through your parents’ procreation process in the Yang-property worlds. Otherwise, there would not be a chance to become a complete lifeform.

By telling these truths to all members of the family group, it is with the hope that fellow relatives are able to understand the source of life, and understand the kind of worthiness and significance of your existence in the universe. And after realizing these truths, you should enhance, elevate, transform yourselves, allowing yourselves to possess greater capability and higher wisdom to serve the universe, thus accentuating your own worth. As highly intelligent lifeforms, this is the right life path that we should walk on.

Hopefully, having understood these truths, fellow relatives will have a grateful heart and know how to emit positive information to help elevate the frequency of the energy fields of the universe. This is because, the upward development of the entire universe relies on the concerted efforts of all Righteous lifeforms. This is also the direction in which all Righteous lifeforms should strive for together.

Received on June 20, 2017


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