Chapter 4 The Essence of Survival

There are varied hierarchical levels of lifeforms living in the universe, and regardless of their level, all lifeforms essentially have their own principles of survival. If lifeforms do not grasp the essence of survival, not only will it be difficult for them to uplift themselves, they will also face elimination by the universe. The cosmos is so vast, as a lifeform, we are rather diminutive. If a minute lifeform does not possess the necessary survival ability, or unable to find their own essence of survival, then they would be incurring much passivity. This article “The Essence of Survival” is a special introduction to help all fellow relatives in the family group to elevate your survival skills.

As highly intelligent human species, we have ample ability and the wisdom to survive much better in the universe. As the leader of other species, at the time of creation, the Creators have already given us much capabilities and greater authority. In this respect, we must make good use of these capabilities and authority to help other species to develop upward and achieve upliftment, which is the most fundamental of all for our suvival in the universe.

Since we are the highly intelligent speceis, we should have our own responsibilities and obligations. Only when we fulfill our duty and obligation, help toward the continual upward development of the universe that we gain a chance to live long in the universe, and embody our greater worth as well. If we do not follow and walk on this rightful path, sooner or later, we will go against the Right Path one day and deviate from the Original Nature of our life.

Whoever we are, we should do what we are supposed to do. Whatever moral characters we possess originally, we must continuously improve and perfect them, allowing these noble characters and morals to exert their greater impact in the universe. Only when these noble characters and morals have played their greater roles can we continue to help with the constructive development of the universe. If such capabilities are not in possession, the embodiment of worth will then be very insignificant.

As highly intelligent human species, if we do not rely on our own abilities to survive worthily in the universe, it would show that we are incapable, and therefore not befitting our status as a highly intelligent lifeform. Sad as it is, most fellow relatives of our family group who are residing in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces are not aware of the kind of status and significance they possess as humankind in the universe. Without understanding these truths, it is very easy for fellow relatives to be morally corrupted since you cannot find the right direction in life. In fact, whether or not fellow relatives are aware of these truths, as long as you can follow your inner conscience to survive in the universe, then more or less you should be able to embody some worth. It would be worrisome when fellow relatives commit the mistake of being self-conceited and arrogant, causing the loss of your conscience and deviate from your Original Nature. At present, there are such relatives who have become the destroyers of the universe due to their continuous acts of depravation, and have become the encumbrances which obstruct the upward development of the universe.

As a Founder and Builder of the family group, I naturally felt heartbroken witnessing the emergence of such people within the family. This is because having founded and built so many worlds, its purpose is to allow fellow relatives to accentuate your greater worth in the universe. And now, with the surfacing of such problems, how would I not possibly feel saddened? I have always been figuring out ways to help fellow relatives, solely for the purpose of enabling you to return to the right path and live a worthier life in the universe, and not to become an obstacle to the Righteous universe, nor to become the enemy of the Righteous worlds. Precisely for this reason, I have disseminated the foundation knowledge of the universe and its truths to each and every world of our family group.

I believed that all these efforts of mine will somehow gain recognition by a section of people who will find their own essence of survival and return to their Original Nature, thereby changing their destinies, and undertaking a bigger role in the universe and accentuating a much greater worth. I will attempt my greatest effort to help all members of the family group, allowing fellow relatives to be able to live well and happily in the worlds which I have built and established, thereby sending forth more positive information to the universe. In addition, I will also continue to build new homes at the much higher dimensional spaces, awaiting for more fellow relatives to collaborate with me, and contribute our concerted efforts and strengths towards the continual growth of the family group, as well as the upliftment of the Righteous universe. At the same time, we will also be able to gain more training experiences and opportunities to embrace our own worth.

When we have found our own essence of survival, we will no longer feel lonely and isolated, troubled and in pain. Although there are times when I feel saddened and even feel the sentiments of sorrow due to my witnessing of some fellow relatives who have turned depraved. However, as highly intelligent human lifeforms, we have greater responsibilites and obligations to contribute our efforts for the advancement of the cosmos. Therefore, we must not constraint ourselves, and neither should we allow our sentiments to fester in the light of these troubles and sufferings.

With our possession of noble qualities and morality, a forward-looking and optimistic spirit, all these qualities and spirits have given all members in the family group a clear, positive lead, therein advancing a motivational role. Regardless of the kinds of difficulties or tribulations we would face at any phase of our lives, we must strengthen ourselves, and place top priority on the interest of the family group and the universe. As long as we have this sense of responsibility and embracement, with a high perspective and broad vision, every one of us will be able to surmount the difficulties that we may encounter at any phase.

We must rely on strong foundation and a robust inner heart to strive diligently, to challenge ourselves constantly and create a much greater glory in the universe. This is because as highly intelligent human species, regardless of whichever level we are in presently, we do possess such potentials, and must not waste away these gifts of ours. As to whether we acutally possess this strength, it would depend on how big an effort we have made during the course of our life journeys, the kind of preparations we have done for our continual upward growth, and whether we have accumulated well on these fundamental abilities. In reality, it is only when ample preparations have been made can we have a chance to march forward to a much higher dimensional space to contribute greater strength for the continual upward development of the universe. This is the essence to our survival, and indeed, is also the key to creating values in our lives.

Received on June 19, 2017


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