Chapter 2 The Return of All Objects to Their Origins

All things in the universe have their origins. Regardless of their levels, all things are originated from the varied hierachical levels of spaces in the universe, and they are all formed naturally upon the continuous transformation of the grand cosmic energy fields. “All things” here refers to the objects of the universe and not any lifeforms. Lives are created, whereas all things in the universe are formed naturally under the specific conditions of Nature. And of course, the “all things” mentioned here are also not those products or objects created by lifeforms. This article’s theme refers solely to the objects that are formed naturally under the cosmic natural environments.

The theme “The Return of All Objects to Their Origins” is indeed a very profound knowledge for those relatives who are living at the lower dimensional spaces. Without a certain degree of universe knowledge as foundation, it will be very difficult to realize the mysteries of the formation of all objects in the universe.

There are varied hierarchical levels of energy fields in the universe. The high and low frequency of the energy field and its unique characteristics will cause the materials1 within this energy field to become an object with similar characteristics. Due to the difference in the characteristics of the energy field and its energy frequency in every space,  the object formed within a particular energy field would therefore carry the attributes or features of that particular energy field. As a matter of course, the object formed under whatever levels of energy fields, its quality would correspond with that particular grade or level. After all,  an object which is formed under that kind of energy field cannot be expected to exceed the level of its existing energy field. Consequently, in the universe, in order to let an object be of a greater level, and that of a better quality, it is necessary to have the environment there to possess a higher level of energy field. This is because within a space, the energy field decides on the material quality of an object formed. Precisely because of the significant importance of the energy field that I relayed to fellow relatives that you must know how to elevate the energy field frequency of your own living space, allowing the quality of the objects in that energy field to be even better. At the same time, following the elevation of the energy field, it would also help build a good foundation for the objects in that particular space to become higher in their grades.

There are all kinds and varieties of materials in the universe itself, and we are unable to count the vast number of them. Only materials with same levels or similarity will come together naturally under the influence of the cosmic energy fields, and within the boundary of that enery field, take to form objects of varying sizes under the continuous rotation of the energy field. Due to the time taken for the formation of these objects being different, therefore, its shapes (large or small) vary as well. Certainly, the higher the level of energy field, the quicker would be the objects forming into shapes. Owing to the difference in energy field frequencies, those materials would be formed into objects of different shapes and sizes at different speeds. Hence, all objects in the universe are formed in this manner.

By expounding to fellow relatives the subject on “The Return of All Objects to Their Origins”, its purpose is to tell you that regardless of how these objects piece together, if the frequency of the energy fields within the cosmic space continues to drop, these objects would return to their original material state before their formation into objects. In the cosmos, why is it only when the energy fields continue to elevate that it could receive its development, thus enabling all lifeforms in the universe to  survive better? It is because only when the cosmic energy fields continue to rise that it could protect and keep these naturally formed objects from disintegration and return to its original material state before they were formed as objects.  If all the objects in the universe have returned to its material state, then lifeforms would not have a foothold, and would also be incapable of surviving anymore.

It is exactly because the senior management department of the universe, having understood these mysteries of the universe, have drawn up the survival laws relevant to the lifeforms within the cosmic space, allowing these lifeforms to survive according to the laws and regulations of the universe. Otherwise, lives would eventually walk towards destructions.

By telling fellow relatives such truths, it is hoped that you will have such awareness that, only when we follow the positive development of the universe can we survive for long in the universe. If all lifeforms in the universe do not follow the laws of the universe in living, then with the destruction of lifeforms, the universe would sooner or later return to the state where there will be no objects whatsoever.

In the universe, if there is no lifeform emitting information continuously, then there would be no formation of varied types and levels of energy fields. Only after an energy field is formed would the energy field rotate naturally. And all materials in this universe are formed into objects of different sizes and shapes under the continuous rotation of these energy fields. With these objects, lives will then have a chance to establish its own world.

As to how the first group of lifeforms come into being in this universe, that is a huge cosmic mystery; and, as lifeforms at prevailing level, we are still incapable of understanding it. However, with our current ability, we do know that if a lifeform with mobility  wants to come into this world, it must go through the Yang-property lifeform procreation process to realize its existence. Perhaps, this is a manner in which lifeforms of the lower-level are procreated. After all, we belong to lifeforms of lower-level. At this juncture, this is what we know. As to how and in what manner the advanced existences appeared in the universe, we are still incapable of knowing it at present.

If I do not expound on this topic of “The Return of All Objects to Their Origins” in this manner, fellow relatives might have some misunderstanding. All objects returning to their origins means, if we, the lifeforms, do not rely on our efforts to strive in making the frequencies of energy fields to elevate constantly in the universe, it might be possible for all things in the universe to return to their original material state. The returning of all objects to their origins means returning to their source, and these sources are the cosmic materials. This shall be the interpretation of “the return of all objects to their origins”.

By telling this truth to fellow relatives living in varied worlds of different levels, it is hoped that fellow relatives would change yourselves after having understood the process of how all things are formed, and continue emitting positive information to help elevate the frequency of the cosmic energy fields. If all objects were to return to their original material state, then there would not be any firm foothold for all lifeforms in the universe. This is the truth which this article has intended to convey to fellow relatives.

Received on June 19, 2017


Materials: Refers to particles that are formed naturally by the energy of the cosmic space under the impact of energy fields. Of course, the varied levels of energy and energy fields would cause to form particles with a variety of levels and quality.

Lifeform with mobility: Refers to those lifeforms which the Creators have created by using the life energy of movability and that they are capable of moving freely on their own. They include human beings and all kinds of animals.


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