Chapter 1 Beyond the Small Universe

In the borderless and vastness of the grand universe, there are many worlds of different kinds and of varied hierarchical levels, and within each of these worlds, there are surviving lifeforms of different kinds and of varying levels and categories as well.

As the universe is so vast and without boundaries, in order for fellow relatives to conveniently learn more about the cosmos, it is necessary for us to separate and categorize these different worlds as small universe, slightly bigger universe, or much bigger universe. Not only are the worlds themselves being classified into big and small ones, they have different hierarchical levels as well. With such distinctions, it will be convenient for fellow relatives to recognize that there are these varied levels and categories of worlds existing in the universe.

Since there are varied levels and categories of worlds in the universe, it would also mean that there will be varied levels and categories of lifeforms as well. For this reason, the relevant management division of the universe would, according to the levels of the lifeforms and their abilities, arrange for them to live in an appropriate world suitable for their survival. With such an arrangement, it is beneficial for lifeforms of varied levels to train up and achieve various kinds of capabilities, thereby elevating themselves to a much higher level of worlds or spheres to accentuate their greater worth in the future.

The Creators①, at the time of creating higher-level species, have setup for these species the capabilities to elevate their life levels, enabling them to have the chance to rise towards the higher dimensional worlds to contribute their greater strength to the universe. This is a form of set-up. In the universe, those highly advanced lifeforms species will have the opportunity to evolve higher regardless of how low-level a world they are living in. With such a set-up, it would enable these lifeforms, through their own efforts, to strive constantly with trainings to gain a much stronger ability in order to contribute a greater strength to the universe, thereby embodying a much greater worth.

By elaborating these contents right at the beginning serve to convey to fellow relatives that it is impossible for us to fully comprehend the magnitude and scale of the universe with our prevailing abilities. I am also having a general idea only. Within the scope of my ability, I can relate and share with fellow relatives all that I have known, allowing you to gain a general knowledge of the universe. Hopefully, fellow relatives would not constraint yourselves, and you must know that as of now, we are still unclear of the extent of the hidden mysteries within the universe. Further, we also have not acquired the full knowledge of our own living environments, and hence, we are incapable of making much of any judgements regarding the universe at all. In view of this, as lower-level lifeforms, we must not be arrogant and not to be carried away. Instead, we should regard the vast universe with awe and veneration. 

Our small universe family group is considered as a slightly low-level, smaller world in the regions of the lower dimensional spaces within the grand universe. As our life levels and strength in capabilities are still remaining at the initial stage of life, we do not, therefore, possess the ability to advance ourselves to a much higher dimensional space to create and establish our homelands. It is only when we enhance the various aspects of our skills and abilities through continual hard work as well as elevating our own energy frequency that we will be able to gain opportunities in heading towards a much higher dimensional space to develop, explore and understand more secrets of the universe.

Within our small universe family group, there are other smaller worlds of much lower level in existence. Those relatives who are residing there have no knowledge whatsoever regarding the secrets of the universe, and this has become the obstacle which hinders our family group’s upward development. If citizens of a world are completely ignorant about the truth of the universe, they will not possess a high level of life consciousness and perspectives – and so, how would it be possible for such a world to achieve greater upliftment and development? Therefore, it can be concluded that without the understanding of the truth of the universe itself, it will become a big hindrance to its upward development. It is precisely because of this, as the Founder and Builder② of a small universe, I have always wanted to help each of the small world which I have worked very hard in establishing and building them. However, due to the dissimilarities in the form and format of life, the differences in dimensional space etc., all these obstacles have posed a big problem for us to extend our help to those lower-level worlds.

The higher-level Yin-property lifeforms are capable of seeing the situations of those lifeforms and worlds which are lower in levels than theirs, wherein, the greater the difference in the levels between them, the clearer will be the vision and obviousness. However, lower-level Yin-property lifeforms will not have the ability to see or clearly envisage beyond the situations of those lifeforms and worlds which are higher than theirs, and the wider the difference between their levels, the more obscure the vision. And they are incapable of seeing or knowing anything beyond their scope of abilities. And certainly, these lower-level beings are unable to exchange information and communicate with lifeforms that are at a much higher level and excel their scope or range of connection. Due to the hindrance of the physical life bodies of Yang-property lifeforms in the Yang-property worlds, not only are they incapable of seeing the existence of the Yin-property worlds and the Yin-property lifeforms, it is also impossible for them to communicate with those Yin-property lives as well. In essence, precisely because of the existences of these obstacles that, for the past many years, we have not been able to render help directly to those Yang-property worlds at the lower dimensional spaces.

Although we have been helping each and every world of our family group, fellow relatives from the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces may not necessarily have any ideas of these unstinting supports from us. This is because some relatives do not possess the ability to see our existence nor witness the ways and means we have employed in assisting them. Even though some of these help and support are given indirectly, we have never stopped rendering help and support to these worlds. Since we have built these worlds, we are responsible for these worlds as each and every of the world we have created and established is for the purpose of promoting the upward development and growth of the universe. If we do not have such a sense of responsibility, it would be unnecessary for us to spend such an enormous amount of efforts and time in creating and establishing these worlds. It is precisely for the sake of allowing the universe to receive better development, and also having this strong sense of responsibility and mission towards the universe that we have been striving ceaselessly in this aspect. Of course, for some lifeforms in the universe, it is also their (its) duties and obligations to build and establish new worlds. This is why the varied levels of lifeforms in the universe possess different responsibilities and obligations.

This small universe family group of ours is founded and built by us,  the ones who take on to shoulder such a special mission. We do not build and establish new worlds for ourselves, instead it is for promoting the advancement of the grand universe. In view of the fact that the grand universe has such a need, we have contributed these efforts on our own.  As the Founders and Builders, we have accumulated much experience during the course of our constructing the varied levels of worlds, allowing us to gain further understanding relating to the secrets of the universe. It is only when we have gained more insights of the cosmic secrets, and at the same time, when our own levels of capabilities are gradually enhanced, that we have the abilities to go to a much higher level of space to create and build new worlds. In other words, it is only when we are capable of creating and building larger and more of the new worlds within the higher levels of spaces that it  would be beneficial to the development of the grand universe. This is because the universe needs more of the higher-level worlds to cultivate additional talented people.

In order to build and establish much higher level and larger worlds, we must first commence from the lower-level spaces, which is also for the honing of our own abilities. Only when we have accumulated experiences in building and establishing worlds over a long period can we have the opportunities to advance towards the higher dimensional spaces for development. If there are no lifeforms with very strong capabilities to go to higher levels of spaces to build and establish new worlds, then there would be no foundation for the cultivating of much higher level of life forms.

The article titled, “Beyond the Small Universe”, serves the purpose of conveying to all members of the family group that beyond our small universe, there are uncountable numbers of levels and categories of large and small universes, and their development abilities and levels are above that of our small universe. Therefore, it is hoped that fellow relatives will work hard, uplift yourselves, and contribute your efforts towards the upward development of the family group, allowing our family group to be able to keep up with the development pace of the grand universe.

If our fellow relatives are interested in the founding and establishing of new worlds, or if you have very strong aspirations, you can through your own efforts, strive to study and learn diligently, uncover and know more secrets of the universe, and move along this direction of development and become a part of the talent pool in our family group in the building and establishing of worlds. In reality, our family group needs all kinds of talents, and the aptitude in building and establishing worlds is just a part of it.

By revealing these truths, it is hoped that fellow relatives living in the varied hierarchical levels of the worlds would gain a clearer picture of your own development direction. By starting with the understanding of these truths, and setting your personal life goals, be on your way to contribute strength towards the upward development of the grand universe.

Received on June 18, 2017


Creators: In the universe, there are different hierarchical levels of Creators. These Creators of higher levels not only do they possess the capabilities of creating all things (including life forms), they also have the aptitudes to build and establish worlds. The Creators of lower levels, however, can only create all things (including life forms) which are lower in their levels, and they do not possess the abilities to build and establish worlds. In other words, the higher the level and grade of the Creators, the more capable they will be in creating all things and worlds at a much higher level.

Founders and Builders: In the universe, there are different hierarchical levels of Founders and Builders. They (It) will, according to their (its) own capability, build and establish worlds at the varied levels of the spaces. Certainly, the Founders and Builders at the higher levels will also possess a definite ability in creations. It is just that there are different needs and requirements in the universe, whereby some lifeforms or advanced existences would just focus on the building and establishing of worlds. In fact, the related management division of the universe has a clear-cut division of tasks for the creating and building of the worlds and the creation of all things (including life forms). This is the difference between Creators and the Founders and Builders.


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