The Celestial Phenomena Preface

This book, The Celestial Phenomena, is compiled for the varied levels of fellow relatives of our family group. Due to the overall population of our family group being situated at the lower dimensional spaces, fellow relatives may not necessarily have much understanding of the cosmic scenes. In order to enable fellow relatives of the family group to learn more about the cosmic scenes, and to raise the levels and broaden the perspectives of life, as chief Founder and Builder of the family group, I have taken the lead to write and compile this book.

It is only when fellow relatives have a broad perspective on life would you then possess a much higher set of life goals. With higher set of life goals, it will generate a greater motivating power, prompting you towards a constant upliftment and upward development. If a person does not have any knowledge of the cosmos, their thinking, concepts and beliefs would be much constrained. In other words, it is only when a person continues to expand and broaden their visions that they can raise their perspectives in life. A person who is well experienced and knowledgeable, they will naturally be broad-minded and unbiased. Such is the​ importance of understanding and knowing more of the secrets of the universe.

As a part of existence in the universe, if we are totally ignorant of the living environment in which our survival depends on, and also not wanting to understand it, that means that our life level is very low. People who have neither any ideals nor any clear pursuits in life will be easily eliminated. When a person does not want to understand their own lives as well as their living environment, they have already depraved. Not only does a depraved person unfavourable to the development of the cosmos, they will also become the obstacles to the cosmic development. Therefore, as far as each and every of the family group is concerned, the dissemination of the universe knowledge is very important. This is the foundation in which the development of the family group thrives. If a family group does not have this foundation, there would be no hope as well.

Regardless of the level and grade of the world fellow relatives are residing, I hope that you will not reject this knowledge which we have imparted to you, and you must not constrain yourselves with narrow-minded thinking because this knowledge is helping you to become wiser and more capable persons. As a minute lifeform, how is it that you would not want to understand this universe which you are living in? If a person does not understand why they have come into this world, and what they are living for in this world, then that is very sad! When a person is not even keen to know these truths, then how is it possible to accentuate a great value in the universe? Therefore, in order for fellow relatives to transform yourselves, to uplift your own levels and perspectives of life, you must, through the gaining of the universe knowledge, understand the deeper truths of the universe.

Although The Celestial Phenomena book is written and compiled tens of thousands of years ago, fellow relatives from the varied hierachical levels of the worlds did not have an opportunity to learn and grasp this foundation knowledge before. Therefore, during the dissemination process, I will make different adjustments to the contents of the book based on the cognitive and comprehension abilities of fellow relatives from varied levels of the worlds so that all of you can comprehend it. Otherwise, it would be rather meaningless to convey knowledge which is beyond the understanding of fellow beings.

Hopefully, this book which focuses on the fundamental knowledge of the universe could help fellow relatives to build on a good foundation from the understanding of the secrets of the universe. Without such a foundation, it will be very difficult to even think of pursuing and understanding more of the marvels and secrets of the universe. Regardless of whichever level and category of the worlds or realms fellow relatives are uplifted to, these will be your foundations. Through this book, The Celestial Phenomena, fellow relatives will understand how you should go about uplifting yourselves as a highly intelligent lifeform in the universe, and become a worthy, meaningful lifeform and contribute your efforts towards the upward development and growth of the universe.

Received on June 18, 2017


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