Chapter 17 Our Aspirations

Every one of us has our own aspirations but there are different levels to our aspirations. At different phases in life, a person will have different aspirations owing to his/her continual growth and realization of his/her life journey. This is the reason why aspirations are categorized into different levels. When a person has become more capable and wiser, his/her aspirations will be greater as well. Aspirations can give a person strength. With aspirations, a person will aim and strive towards his/her goals. As Righteous lives, our aspirations must be positive ones in order to provide positive information to the universe. Every one of us is basically developing towards the direction of our aspirations. This is the effect of aspirations.

Since every one of us has our own individual aspirations, every family group in the universe would have their own aspirations too. Since the level of capability of every family group is different, their level of aspirations will also differ. The aspiration of our small universe family group at the present stage is: we hope that all the talented individuals within our family group will be awakened as soon as possible, realize their true identities and be aware of their responsibilities and mission, so as to help our family group to achieve rapid development.

Within our family group, there are many worlds, and our members are distributed across different categories and levels of worlds. This has caused many of our family members to be unaware of the situation of the family group, especially those relatives who are training in the Yang-property worlds. As they are restricted by their physical bodies which makes them even harder to understand these truths.

Given the capacity of technology in our family group today, we have the ability to disseminate this knowledge to different worlds. However, due to the lack of talented individuals who are capable of receiving this knowledge in certain Yang-property worlds, this knowledge cannot be transmitted or at least transmitted perfectly to those Yang-property worlds. In other words, there is no way for some Yang-property worlds to understand these truths and this is the difficulty that our family group is facing now. There are indeed many talented individuals in our family group, but some of these talented individuals are living in Yang-property worlds of different hierarchical levels, making it very difficult for us to communicate with them and disseminate this knowledge, therefore, they do not have the opportunity to be awakened yet. However, for those Yang-property worlds that have the capabilities to receive this knowledge, the relatives in those worlds must cherish it because it is very difficult for this knowledge to be transmitted to any Yang-property world.

To those capable members of our family group, isn’t it very sad if you choose to serve the evil world instead of serving your own family group? Fellow relatives can opt not to serve your own family group, but you must remember that you are of the Righteous life and must choose to walk on the Righteous path. Our family members can also dedicate your efforts to other Righteous worlds or spheres and this too is contributing your strength for the Righteous universe. As Righteous lifeforms, if you do not serve the Righteous universe, not only will you betray the original intention of your life, sooner or later, you will also be eliminated by the grand universe. If this knowledge and these truths were not disseminated, those family members who do not understand the truths will not have a clear direction. Although there is still kindness in their inner hearts, it is very pitiful that they lack a greater goal in their life journeys. Only when fellow relatives are aware of the truth can you have a sense of belonging and possess the correct direction in life.

All relatives must be aware that you have the family group as your strong pillar of support. Only when we rely on the family group’s strength can we enable ourselves to develop and uplift rapidly. Otherwise, if you were to rely on your own effort, you will be met with many twists and turns. It is only with the guidance of this positive knowledge that fellow relatives’ own energy frequency and life levels will receive fast upliftment, thus gaining the opportunity to develop constructively. Without the accumulation of positive high-frequency energy, even if you have acquired great capabilities, you will not be able to ascend to high dimensional spaces for development either. This is because high-frequency positive energy is the foundation of survival for any life forms to live in the high dimensional spaces. It is only when fellow relatives understand more truths that you will know how to choose the direction in your life and embody the greater values of your own lives.

In fact, as long as all the members in the family group can achieve upliftment and are aware of the importance of the power of cohesiveness, I believe through the joint efforts of all the members of the family group, we will definitely be able to reach our family’s aspiration within the shortest period of time.

Hopefully, all relatives in our family group will become the talents of our family so as to serve the family group, contributing much greater strength for the Righteous universe.

Received on June 10, 2017


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