Chapter 16 Emotional Sustenance

Every one of us has our own emotion, since, as highly intelligent species, the Creators have gifted us the ability to generate emotion. However, our emotion must be positive in nature in order not to go against the Original Nature of the Righteous lives. Only those emotions that are built on the foundation of love and are unconditional can be considered as the positive emotions.

By expounding on the topic of “Emotional Sustenance”, it serves to guide fellow relatives on how to take proper control of your personal emotion, allowing them to generate positive effects instead of bringing hindrances to the universe.

Within the cosmos, we are not alone and living independent lives as we still have many relatives and other varying kinds of lives co-existing with us. Throughout the course of our life journey, regardless of whichever world we appear in, we will generate relationships with many people, events and its surrounding. When a relationship is established, there will be emotional involvement. Therefore, it is not an easy matter to control our emotion well unless we are standing on a higher vantage point. If we can establish our emotion with everyone, affairs and the surrounding at a higher perspective, then we will not limit our emotion to a specific range and boundary, and hence we will not be obstructed by them. The more we are attached to a particular person, a certain matter or an object of interest, the more we will be hindered by them.

As highly intelligent lives, and as the leaders, we cannot live solely for any person, matter or an object of interest. Although we have generated a relationship with them (it), created affinities, we must not be bound by these people, matter or the surrounding, nor should we confine ourselves. We can be responsible towards these people, matter or object of interest, we can love them (it), care for them (it), help them (it), but we cannot be attached to them (it) in any way. This is because these things never really belong to us, they are (it is) merely affinities along the journey of our life.

As highly intelligent human species, our life journeys are very long. As we will acquaint with even more affinities during our life journeys, we must not therefore halt and remain at any particular phase in life. We must stand in such a pertinent altitude and acquire such a lofty vision and broadened perspective to ponder over issues or matters, and to behold at all things in the world. Therefore, we must not allow our emotions to be pinned down on any one person, matter or the surrounding, as this is the way a person can exhibit  his/her dimension and height in life. In fact, the higher the level and wiser the person, the more he/she is able to understand these principles, and the better would be his/her ability in controlling his/her own emotion, thus allowing his/her emotion to play a positive role in the universe.

We can make use of our emotion to love everyone and love all existences in the universe, letting ourselves be uplifted and purified through these emotions and enabling us to become truly high intelligent lives, and the leaders of the world. We must have our emotion embedded on responsibilities and on shouldering of more responsibilities, focusing on selfless contributions. Only when we sustain our emotion on these positive behaviours can we then embody our true values and to elevate the dimension and perspective of our lives. Therefore, we cannot confine ourselves; we must elevate our vision and perspective of life, standing on an even higher vantage point to uncover and understand this world, thus striving on with our greatest efforts to benefit this very universe where we survive on.

Received on June 10, 2017


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