Chapter 13 Our Qualities

The highly intelligent life forms in the grand universe Righteous Family group all possess extremely good qualities; such as the spirit of selfless giving, a responsible heart, the willingness to shoulder responsibility, generosity, and others. These noble qualities were the embodiment of our inborn noble moral characters, because the Creators had bestowed the noble moral characters upon us when they created us. It would depend on the kinds of abilities we possess in order to manifest these inborn noble moral characters, thereby allowing us to possess noble qualities to play a bigger role in the universe.

On the contrary, the evil species do not possess these noble qualities, because they do not have such noble moral characters. The information in their lives are very different from ours. In the worlds of the evil family, their Creators created lives based on their worlds’ needs. Their family group does not need the noble qualities like those of the Righteous Family group. All they need are cruelty, pillage and plunder, aggressive competitive-type of inferior qualities, etc., as those types of lives are exactly what the evil family needs to serve their family group. If they created species like those of the Righteous Family group, then these species would not emulate the evil species’ ways of development as it is contrary to the original intention of their family group when creating such species.

The evil family group is evil because in their worlds there are no love, only selfishness and binding. They will only follow the rules they have drawn up to survive, and they do not wish to be controlled by the management of the Righteous universe. Their subjective awareness is far too strong that they live in the universe solely for themselves. Even though they have also built many worlds and many training grounds for their descendants, however, they do not possess the spirit of selfless dedication. They would expect and demand an exchange of favours, some kind of benefits in return, for any so-called dedication which they have contributed because the life forms in the evil worlds are so used to that kind of practice or lifestyle. As the evil species have extremely low-level qualities, they are hard to manage. Thus, the leaders in the evil worlds must draw up various kinds of laws and harsh rules to restrict the freedom of the members in their family group. Otherwise, they will be unable to manage their worlds well.

By conveying these truths to fellow relatives at the varied worlds, it serves the purpose of letting fellow relatives know the lifestyle difference between the Righteous Family group and that of the evil family group. It is because the Ancestors of our Righteous Family group possessed the spirits of selfless contribution, unconditional and abundant love that, when they created us, they will also have endowed upon us such spirits, thus allowing us to possess the noble moral characters of the Righteous Family group, and dedicate ourselves freely, blissfully and happily, and manifest the good qualities of highly intelligent lives of the Righteous Family group. We should be proud of ourselves for having manifested these noble qualities and we ought to rejoice that we are part of the Righteous Family group.

As we live in this universe, the spirit of selfless dedication should serve as the foundation for us to increase our abilities to shoulder much greater responsibility and thus generating greater values for ourselves. The noble qualities possessed by us have become the foundation for our constant upliftment and upward development, and they are also our pride as Righteous lives.

Received on June 9, 2017


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