Every family group has its own remembrances because every one of them has its own history and an enormously large population count. From its founding to its gradual development and growth, every family group has many members who are contributing towards this goal, even to the extent of sacrificing their lives.

At the beginning of the creation and establishment phase, every world would be faced with extreme difficulties as the conditions in various aspects were relatively backward.  Especially during the more ancient period where, comparatively, the living conditions would be even more backward. These problems exist regardless of the level and dimension of the worlds. Even those worlds of higher dimensional spaces are also not so advanced at the initial stages of their creation. In fact, a world’s growth and development cannot separate itself from the joint efforts of everyone in it.

We must remember forever the contributions made by our predecessors. In fact, within our family group, we have some relatives who have left us for good. It is because in ancient times, the general conditions were not as advanced as they are today, therefore any kind of life form may leave this world. Regardless of the kinds of abilities they possessed or how big a contribution they had made, we must be grateful and thankful for their contributions towards establishing a strong foundation for the development of this family group.

The capability and energy of a life form in the universe are limited. If we are unable to accumulate enough energy for ourselves, make ourselves more capable in surviving in this universe, and constantly keep pace with the elevation of the frequency of the cosmic energy field, we will disappear in the universe. This is one of the ways to leave this world.

There is another way of departing this world, that is, when we are harmed by the evil forces. The evil forces have existed in the universe for a long period of time. For the sake of plundering the territories of the Righteous family group, they have been invading our homelands and harming our Righteous family’s relatives. When met with a strong foe, if our life energy is weak, it can very easily be harmed by the evil species, thus causing us to lose our lives. This is another way we can leave this world.

Therefore, I have told fellow relatives that every family group has its own remembrances and those senior Ancestor relatives who have left us have become our remembrances. We will never forget them! It is because they have made indelible contributions to our family group. Although their contributions varied, as their beneficiaries and succeeding younger generations, we must be grateful and filled with gratitude in our hearts because without the joint efforts of our predecessors, we would not have the grand family group that we have today.

Life came into this world originally due to the needs of the universe. As long as we embody some of our values in this world, then our birth in this lifetime is considered worthwhile. After all, we have left our traces in the universe just like those senior Ancestor relatives who have left us and who are forever in our hearts as remembrances. Even though they have left us forever, their lives are worthy, and they are certainly worth remembering because they have made contributions in this world and embodied their values.

It is unfortunate to have lost a life, but it is more regrettable when some people who have come into this world and become destroyers of the universe. Not only do they make no contributions nor create any worth, they obstruct the upward development of the universe instead. Such humans will forever be cast aside by others and they will never become our remembrances. At this juncture, whilst we are still living in this world, we must create our values and inherit all the noble spirits of our pioneering Ancestors, and leave behind more traces of merits and achievements in the universe and create the glory of life.

Regardless of the way or time we depart this world, we must create values for this world. This is what we should do. We must use our accumulated energy to go beyond the horizon, contribute our efforts to building greater development and better living conditions for future generations. Since we had the chance to come into this world, we should serve the world and not just live for ourselves because the development of this world needs our hard work and contributions. Since we are here to embody the value of life, we must obey this law, make use of our time in this world to make bigger contributions, thus creating a greater glory for our lives.

Perhaps one day, we would also become our later younger generations’ remembrances. However, it does not matter at which moment or by which means that we leave this world, we must face it with confidence and calmness. As we have already done some meaningful things in this world, we would have made our due contributions and embody our values as a minute life should. Therefore, we will also become the remembrances of the younger generations. As highly intelligent life forms, we must have such sentiments, accept such facts and face everything with an honest heart. This should be the right attitude we should perceive and treat life, which will also reflect our achievement of transcendental realm.

Received on June 9, 2017


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