Chapter 10 How to Cultivate the Right Views and Beliefs

If a person does not develop and nurture right views and beliefs, it is very easy to lean towards the direction of wrong path in life. It is because a person’s views and beliefs are so important that it is necessary to expound on the topic of “How to Cultivate the Right Views and Beliefs” to help fellow relatives cultivate the correct views and beliefs.

Views and beliefs dictate the way we see and discern matters and people in this world. Only by correctly discerning all matters and people could it be seen as the right view or belief. It is because the universe has its own laws, there is an objective measure of good and bad. Therefore, all behaviours that conform to the laws of the universe are positive in their nature, and we cannot use our subjective awareness and subjective views to judge others or external matters. If we can put ourselves in others’ positions when resolving problems and take into consideration the positive development of the entire world in everything we do, such behaviour will be positive in nature and in line with the laws of the universe. And in doing so, we will avoid generating wrong views and beliefs. Certainly, this requires us to possess a certain degree of wisdom, otherwise, it is very easy to form the wrong views or beliefs.

It is only when we possess such awareness that we can cultivate the right views and beliefs. If we do not treat other people or look at matters with the right views and beliefs, we will be biased. Therefore, when we are still unclear about the laws of the universe, we must not do things base on our subjective assumptions. Otherwise, we might not even be aware that we have done something wrong. Through these seemingly minute or ordinary matters, we can see the level of a person’s wisdom. If we do not possess a certain degree of foundation knowledge of the universe, it is very easy for us to walk on the wrong path of life.

As the highly intelligent human species, we are originally a species of love and of the Righteous lives. We are in this world as leaders; we are noble lives, we have our due responsibility and obligation to this universe. Therefore, we should always consider others when we do things and deal with people. We should consider the problems from other people’s perspectives, deem the public benefit of this world as our responsibility and make an effort to lead more people to choose the correct path in life.

Since we are leaders, we should live in the universe with the leadership status. Only in this way can we embody our true values. It does not matter how many people or lives we are leading, we must do our best to perfect every single matter and ensure every one of our views and beliefs are correct. Do not go against the laws of the universe or against the original intention, which the Creators have created us for.

As we emerge in this world, we must create values. We cannot obstruct the development of the universe due to wrong views or beliefs, and become worthless lives. To become worthy lives, we must begin by first cultivating the correct views and beliefs and making sure that our views and beliefs are positive ones that conform to the laws of the universe and are beneficial to the upward development of the world.

As a highly intelligent species, we are born with this noble status and possess noble qualities. Therefore, we must stimulate our potential in life, enabling us to play a greater role in the universe and accentuate our greater worth.

Received on June 8, 2017


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