Chapter 9 Spiritual Support of the Family Group

Every family group in the universe has its own pillars of spiritual support because it is with these pillars of spiritual support that all members of the family group could gather their strength. It also gives them emotional guidance and find their sense of belonging, knowing that the family group’s pillars of spiritual support would be the emotional and spiritual strength of the entire family group. Our family group also has our own pillars of spiritual support. It is through the guidance of these pillars of spiritual support that we continue to advance. Regardless of how big a problem we are confronted with each time, with the thought of our family group’s pillars of spiritual support, there will be this great surge of energy that encourages us to move forward continuously and sail through all kinds of difficulties. Such emotional and spiritual strength are not anything that can be compared with since this strength unites our dreams.

Through this conveyance, it serves to let our fellow relatives know what our family group’s pillars of spiritual support are. It is only when fellow relatives have understood this that you can find your sense of belonging, have a role model to look up to as well as enabling yourselves to stimulate a greater sense of responsibility and mission. As we are of the Righteous lives, we are filled with love and carry much responsibility in our entire lives. 

There are two pillars of spiritual support in our family group:

The first pillar of spiritual support comes from those pioneering Ancestors who had built our family group’s worlds. From them, we witness the spirits of their relentless efforts, fortitude and perseverance. Not only had they created and built a family group, they also had, through their joint-efforts, expanded their worlds continually for the sake of establishing more and better training grounds for their descendants. Their courageous and inventive spirits are so sacred and praiseworthy! They had made outstanding contributions to the grand universe, offering us such exemplary examples. Their spirit of nobleness is something we cannot match up with.

The technology of those years was not as advanced as it is at present. However, our pioneering Ancestors were not afraid of hardships, as they continued to create and establish homelands on planets of different dimensional spaces. We applaud those spirits of theirs. Although we do not have any idea what they had been through, those spirits which they had left behind is enough for the later generations of the family group to learn and propagate. Those pioneering Ancestors had established and built increasingly more training grounds for us, allowing us to continue to practice and uplift ourselves in so many fields. We, as later generations, are the biggest beneficiary. We must not forget the great meritorious act that our pioneering Ancestors had gifted us.

We can imagine the tremendous amount of efforts and sacrifices our pioneering Ancestors had to make in order that we are now able to live in this world peacefully. Regardless of the level of worlds our fellow relatives are living in, or your current living conditions, and whether you are clear about these truths, you must remember that it has always been our pioneering Ancestors who had paved the way before we can come into this world. They have ceaselessly contributed their efforts in order to see us survive better in this universe.

No matter how difficult the lives of our fellow relatives are leading, it would not be more difficult than our pioneering Ancestors who were at their initial phase of establishing our family group. At this juncture, the difficulties are felt within fellow relatives’ inner hearts, because your inner hearts have lost the right direction that you feel extremely miserable and in pain. Right now, the living conditions in every world are much better than those time when the pioneering Ancestors first created and built our homelands. Therefore, fellow relatives ought to be appreciative and grateful. In fact, only those people who possess a grateful heart do not forget their root. In our family group, we are extremely fortunate to have those pioneering Ancestors who had led the way for us. With such Ancestors, we should be having much pride. We must learn from them the spirits of not fearing the dangers and constantly creating new worlds and making effort to build more and better training grounds for our future descendants.

As for the second pillar of spiritual support, it refers to our family group’s continual follow-up support and strength, which is our younger generations. After having understood these truths, they have been making great contributions towards the elevation and development of the family group. Today, they have been leading the mission and playing their roles in various worlds. Despite the fact that some of them do not possess past memories (Note: This refers to those people who have descended from the Yin-property worlds to the Yang-property worlds.), they have not forgotten the original intention of the mission. They have been making continual efforts towards peace and development of the worlds in which they are living in, and dedicating themselves within the purview of their positions, shouldering much heavier responsibilities.

Today, our family group is disseminating this knowledge to every world, telling every member of the family group these truths. It is hoped that after having gained this knowledge, fellow relatives will strive diligently, return to your Self-Nature, knowing why you have come into this world. The descendants of the Righteous Family group should live for righteousness. You should make your due contributions towards the upward development and expansion of the Righteous worlds, because you are also our family group’s pillar of spiritual support.

If you have befallen, and yet unwilling to change, not fulfilling your responsibility to this world, then as managers of the family group, we will feel very heartbroken. This is because the family group need your continual follow-up support and strength in its development. You are a very large team, whereas the number of people in our family group’s first pillar of spiritual support is very few. They are merely our leaders and role models. In order to develop and expand this small universe family group of ours, we have to rely on all the continual follow-up support and strength of the younger generations. Since you are all seen as the hopeful talents of the family group, you will be defined as our family group’s “pillars of spiritual support”.

Received on June 8, 2017


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