Chapter 8 Our Family Group

Our small universe family group is considered to be a younger family group amongst the grand universe Righteous Family group. Our family group has inherited all the qualities of the grand universe Righteous Family group, such as, the sense of responsibility, righteousness, spirit of selfless dedication and others. These noble qualities have been embodied to its fullest extent within our family group. Although a section of the relatives has befallen in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces, they will not affect the noble qualities possessed by the majority of our family group’s members.

Our family group is very united and loving. All of our managers do possess a strong sense of responsibility and mission, constantly thinking of giving more opportunities to those fellow relatives in each and every world. Disseminating the universe knowledge is to provide every member of the family group an opportunity to uplift their life levels, allowing some members of the family group to keep away from befalling continually in the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces.

Although our family group is only a small world in the grand universe, the entire population of our family group is close to one hundred billions. By frankly telling all family members the population of our family group is to let fellow relatives be aware that our family group is very huge, which is unlike the small little world you are living in right now. If such fact is not relayed to fellow relatives, you may not have such a notion. Since we wish to disseminate this knowledge to all the worlds within our family group, it is then essential for all members of the family to know these truths, so as to attain the consciousness and a shared sense of responsibility and mission of a family group, and not think that you only belong to the present world you are living in. You must know that behind the back of fellow relatives, there is still a grand family group supporting you as our family group has always been the strong pillar of support for all fellow relatives.

As a manager of the family group, I am also responsible for managing the tasks of all the worlds within our family group. Our fellow relatives can be unaware of these truths, but you must believe that the managers of our family group have always been providing much support to the various worlds. It is just that, in the past, our family group’s development had not reached its current standards including the lack of a variety of talents in various fields, and our technology was not as advanced as those in the other family groups. Therefore, it was beyond our ability to even hope of rendering greater assistance to each and every world of the family group.

The members of our family group are living in different Yin-property worlds and Yang-property worlds. Those fellow relatives who are living in the Yang-property worlds, due to the limitations of their physical bodies, they are incapable of seeing Yin-property lifeforms and things in the Yin-property worlds. Therefore, there are some relatives who would hardly believe that there are other types of life forms existing in the universe and they also do not believe in our existence too. Now, we have the opportunity to disseminate this knowledge and convey these truths to all members of our family group because we have achieved a great breakthrough in our family group’s technology. The management of our family group executed this with a view of allowing all relatives at the varied worlds to have a much higher dimension level and grander vision – with all of them possessing the family group’s mutual sense of responsibility and mission, and not to view and think that you only belong to that particular world which you are now living in.

To elaborate further, there is an entire large family group in the Righteous universe which serves as a strong pillar of support behind all humans living in the universe. And our small universe is only a small family group within the grand Righteous universe family group. All of our efforts which we have made are ultimately for the purpose of serving the entire Righteous universe. Of course, each small universe family group has their own territories and jurisdiction boundaries which give every small universe family group their own independent authority and opportunity to establish and develop their own worlds.

As long as the family groups are promoting the upward development and elevation of the grand universe, they will be accorded with much help and resources from the unified management of the grand Righteous universe. This is because the entire Righteous universe is an even larger family group. Every small family group, so long as they are contributing to this grand universe, they will receive the corresponding help and support. As to the amount of support to be given, it all depends on the amount of contributions that each small universe is making along with their potentials including how big a contribution they can bring forth to the grand universe in the future.

As our family group is slightly younger and its development pace is also slower, our contribution therefore towards the grand universe is still not substantial. However, our family group is considered as a family group with potential because we possess the noble spirit of the grand universe Righteous Family group. Our family group has been relying on these noble spirits to receive more support and help from the relevant department of the grand universe. Of course, through our own efforts, we are also cultivating more follow-up and supportive strength within the family group in order to make a much larger contribution for the grand universe. At this juncture, the dissemination of the universe knowledge serves to cultivate more talents to contribute their efforts for the positive development of the grand universe.

At this present stage, it is a phase where our family group’s members can receive the opportunity of the biggest elevation of our lifetimes. This is because, during each Major Restructuring Process of the Universe1, it will give those capable life forms a great opportunity to develop themselves. This is to say that, during every Major Restructuring Process of the Universe, the related department in every dimensional space in the universe will need various kinds of talents. At the same time, after this restructuring, each and every world will also receive a much faster development. Hence, all relatives will have a fair opportunity available to them for their upward development. However, all fellow relatives must rely on your own effort to transform and uplift yourselves, enabling yourselves to have a much higher vision and perspective in life, and also allow yourselves to be more capable of surpassing the current stage of life level you are in, so as to move forward to a higher sphere for development.

Our family group has the obligation to continue cultivating talents for the upward development of the universe as we are part of the grander universe. Cultivating and delivering of talents for the grand universe is one of our chief important missions. If the grand universe does not receive proper development, every one of our small universe will be affected since each of the small universe needs the guidance of the grand universe in order to bring about its own speedy development. Of course, the grand universe requires the support of many small universes to achieve its own speedy development too. This also implies that all small universes are the foundation for the grand universe’s upward development. Therefore, the small universe and the entire grand universe is a common body inseparable from one another – it is a partial and an entirety relationship.

Once fellow relatives have reached such a high state of consciousness, your life perspective and vision will become wider and farther, and you will transform yourselves much quicker, thereby allowing your state of awareness and other aspects of combined capability to achieve a much faster elevation. Should we wish to advance further, these are all the prerequisites which we must have. If such preparation is not made, we would not stand a chance to develop upwards and unable to let ourselves contribute greater strength to the universe and embody much greater values.

Dear fellow relatives, this is the situation of our small universe family group. While introducing our family group’s situation to you, I have also highlighted to fellow relatives the development direction. If you have the capability, you can also rely on your competitive strength to ascend to a much higher sphere than our family group for further development, allowing yourselves to play a bigger role in that kind of sphere. My conveyance of this knowledge serves to provide a correct guidance to all members of our family group, granting all relatives an opportunity of an upward elevation and development after learning these truths.

Received on June 7, 2017


1Major Restructuring Process of the Universe: Due to the presence of life forms and matters that have obstructed the upward development of the universe, and needing the universe to operate normally, the highest level of the related department of the universe will conduct a restructuring for all life forms and matters which hinder the development of the universe. It is only through this that the universe could achieve its proper and normal development and be able to allow all Righteous existences in the universe to survive better within it.


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