Chapter 7 Situation Development Direction

Since the development of our family group till now, there have been all kinds of problems. With such an enormous family group, it is normal for all kinds of problems to emerge. However, regardless of the type of problem that has arisen, it is through the combined efforts of all family members that we have managed to divert the situation to a positive direction.

As a manager of the family group, I am deeply pleased because each time when a problem emerges, our family group can always correct the situation by moving in the right direction. By examining and resolving these problems, it has allowed our family group to accumulate many experiences. These experiences continuously guide us to move forward, and constantly have a positive impact on our development. They have also given fellow relatives many opportunities for change, upliftment  and development.

It is not frightening for a family group of such a colossal scale to have problems emerging. The scariest part is for us to not have the ability to divert the matters towards a positive direction. If we are able to accumulate more experiences from the problems that have emerged, we will be able to elevate our world management abilities. This is very important for a manager of a family group, and it certainly serves as a good reference for those fellow relatives who are working towards this goal.

It is possible for anyone to make mistakes and we all grow from our mistakes. Therefore, it is unnecessary for us to hide from our past mistakes because we are all walking on the path of growth. The most important thing is for us to learn from the wrongdoings and process our experiences from the mistakes, so as to try not to repeat the same mistake, or at least minimize them in our future life journeys.

If a person wishes to have a greater accomplishment in the universe, he/she must go through different types of training to accumulate more experiences and gain more wisdom, thereby becoming more capable in serving the universe.

When we are increasingly more capable, we will be able to help more people and better in handling and co-ordinating those matters and affairs that are happening around us. This will result in a more positive development of the situation. In this way, we are indirectly embodying our values in our lives because we have already possessed a certain ability to help others and serve the universe.

In order to become such persons, we must continue to work hard and be more observant of  matters and affairs that are happening around us so that we have more opportunities to comprehend things. It is only in this way that we can find more training platforms. It does not matter if it is a training of our heart, or a test of our abilities, we all need to have more platforms. When we have more training opportunities, we will gain more chances to observe more things. When we have gained more chances to observe matters, we will possess adequate experience to overcome different types of conflicts and crises when we are handling any problems that have emerged. Therefore, only when we work hard in our daily lives and are keen in observing all the things that are happening around us, shall we then gain more opportunities to grow. It is also only when we have received more chances like this that we can exercise more skills to serve the universe. When our capabilities become greater and stronger, our abilities to control and handle situations will be much better, and we will have more chances to embody our greater values in the universe.

Received on June 7, 2017


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