Chapter 4 Sentiments and Realization

Sentiments and Realization is a person’s apperception and realization of matters and affairs. A person’s depth of realization on all things and matters reflects the level of his/her wisdom. If a person has an in-depth realization on everything he/she has gone through, that means he/she has accumulated a multitude of life experiences and has elevated his/her own wisdom at the same time. Otherwise, it serves only to prove that this person’s wisdom is limited, lacking the ability to discern and appreciate all matters of concern.

By analysing this topic on “Sentiments and Realization” with our fellow relatives, it is thought to help fellow relatives to gain a deeper apperception of every process you have experienced, thereby appreciating your life journey, continuing to accumulate and drawing conclusion from these life experiences, and heightening your wisdom speedily.

In the past, fellow relatives have failed to appreciate your life journeys due to being unaware of these facts, and it could not be helped. Now that you are aware of this knowledge and understood these truths, fellow relatives should recognize deeply the prime importance of appreciating your life journeys diligently. If we do not elevate our wisdom, it will be difficult to embody a greater worth in the universe because we lack the wisdom to manoeuvre and plan orderly in our life courses.

As highly intelligent human species, we have come to this world with great significance. We can wholly experience all these training processes during our life journeys. Although in the lifelong journey, every one of us is greeted with varied types of training and experimental process, our life journeys can, nevertheless, be full of marvels and splendid moments, and we can appreciate the beauty with which our life journeys have brought upon us and realize that this world has given us many variables and much excitements. If we do not use our hearts to discern and appreciate our life experiences, then how could we possibly accumulate these experiences to increase our wisdom? Certainly, if a person fails to increase his/her wisdom, his/her sentiments and realization abilities will correspondingly be weaker and poorer.

Since, at the time of creation, the Creators have bestowed upon us the sentiments and realization abilities, and therefore, we can strengthen these abilities through our own efforts, allowing this capability to unleash its greater potential. We can gather all sentiments and comprehension of our lives, accumulate them as life experiences  to make us progressively more capable. If we fail to use our hearts to sense and appreciate, then it is impossible to achieve great success. In conclusion, all those accumulated experiences in our life journeys are enormous treasures.

In this universe, it does not matter which stage of life a person is at, or the kind of life forms he/she possesses, as all the past accumulated experiences will become information constantly accompanying him/her. Even if this person is living in a Yang-property world, the information accumulated in the past will continue to generate a definite impact on the current stage of life.

By conveying these truths to our fellow relatives, it is for you to know that it does not matter which stratum of life you are living in, for as long as you use your heart to sense and appreciate the happenings surrounding you, you will be able to accumulate rich life experiences. These experiences can generate wisdom and can increasingly exert a wider impact on our life journey. Therefore, we should not ignore every sentiment and realization in our lives as each of this apperception has its own value and significance. If we do not appreciate matters that are happening around us, then we will not gain any wisdom. A person who lacks wisdom does not have much worth because such people do not have the abilities to embody greater values.

Hopefully, fellow relatives will be able to comprehend the principles in this article and start training yourselves by beginning with the most fundamental and simplest form of sentiments and realization. Sooner or later, fellow relatives will possess a much higher ability to understand the insight of all things in the world and realize more truths of life, thus acquiring much better capabilities to perform a bigger role in the universe.

Received on June 6, 2017


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