Chapter 3 The Embodiment of Values

As highly intelligent human beings, our very existence in the universe in itself already possesses predefined values. Unless we become depraved, our values will always exist. Certainly, we are always able to achieve greater worth through our constant improvement.

The title “The Embodiment of Values” is chosen for the purpose of helping fellow relatives to understand how to adopt the proper means to embody a much greater worth. Every individual in the universe has different worth even though as humankind, we are of  the same highly intelligent species. This is because everybody’s dedication and contribution vary.

As highly intelligent human lives, we must make greater contribution towards the universe in order to accentuate greater worth in the universe. There are direct and indirect contributions. For instance, by accumulating many experiences and acquiring abilities from our training, we are able to help more people and commit more towards the continual upward development of the universe. These are direct contributions to the universe. What is an indirect contribution then? It is, of course, emitting positive information with our every action, speech and thought, imparting positive strength to the universe. This is an indirect contribution. After all, the information which we have emitted needs to go through energy fields in order to create an impact, therefore, it cannot be considered as a direct contribution to the universe.

Regardless of the kind of contribution, we are all playing a part towards the upward development of the universe and can also embody the values of our lives. It will certainly be great if fellow relatives are able to contribute directly towards the universe. If we have not acquired such foundation, and do not possess great abilities, then we can contribute indirectly to the universe by emitting positive information. In this way, we will also be considered as worthy lives and not a burden to the universe.

In the universe, each and every one of us will have our own unique life journey and the lifespan for everyone is different too, therefore fellow relative will undergo different types of training processes and experiences. If the lifeforms are very young lives and have not received much training in the universe, then they will not possess the great abilities to make substantial contributions to the universe directly. The longer the lifeform exists in the universe, the more opportunities there will be for training. Certainly, this will also depend on whether these lifeforms know how to grasp each training opportunity to heighten their various abilities. As there are some fellow relatives who do not understand that training is for raising their own life capabilities, therefore, they do not have the insight to treasure every training opportunity in their lives. Although some of those relatives who have lived in the universe for over a longer period of time have much more training opportunities, it does not mean that they have the awareness of how to cherish and seize the chances given to them to strengthen their abilities.

In fact, within our family group, we have a group of younger people. As they are proactive, ambitious, and have gained a certain degree of cultivation and have understood the truth of life, therefore, they cherish every opportunity provided to them in life. Even though they are very young, they have already become the pillar of talents in our family group and have been consistently contributing strength for the upward development of the family group. They have shouldered heavy responsibilities for the family group, playing a significant role within the scope of their position by promoting the positive development of the family group. Therefore, we cannot assume that only those relatives who have been living in the universe for an extended period of time would be capable of contributing to a greater worth.

Indeed, there is a group of elder relatives who are sustaining our family group’s development, but not all elder relatives have the abilities needed to support the rapid development of the family group. It depends on how large a contribution these relatives have made in the past, the kind of training processes they have gone through and if they have the abilities to take on such heavy responsibilities. If they don’t have such abilities, then more opportunities will be given to the younger generation instead.

By conveying these truths, it is hoped that all fellow relatives who are living in different worlds may possess this kind of right knowledge and attitude, and not be concerned about the duration of your existence in the universe. So long as there is an opportunity to train yourselves, allowing your abilities to expand and be strengthened, you will become the core pillars of the family group. You will gain an opportunity to play a bigger role, thus embodying a greater worth.

Received on June 6, 2017


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