Chapter 2 The Nature of Humans

Every one of us has our very own character or personality. It is because each of our life information is different, and also each one of us has different life journey and experiences in the universe, therefore, everyone possesses a different and defined personality. Regardless of the difference in character of each individual, nonetheless, we all belong to the highly intelligent Righteous species, with us possessing the righteous and kind-hearted nature. In fact, the original Nature of humans is the nature and moral setup by the Creators for human lives, it would also be the fundamental moral character of a person already possessing it. Regardless of the type of our character or personality, for as long as it is upright, compassionate and positive, then it would help with the upward development of the universe. If our nature and moral character have changed and become evil, then that would be against the original intention of the Righteous lives.

The evil species has its common nature too, which is evil. Regardless of the amount of training they have gone through in the universe, it is still very difficult to change their inherent quality. In addition, after having gone through more training, their nature could possibly become eviller. This is because they have been training within the evil grounds and this has caused their nature to be incapable of changing towards the direction of kindness and benevolence.

Hence it can be seen that, unless the inherent quality of a person is kind and good-natured, it would otherwise be very difficult to even think of transforming himself/herself for the better. Only those who still have some compassion and a loving heart, those who have not completely lost their original nature, can change their current situations through their own efforts, and returning to their Self-Nature, returning to the original state of purity when life was first created. In other words, as long as you are descendants of the Righteous Family group, it does not matter how much you have been tainted, as long as you still possess compassion and loving kindness, you can, through your effort, transform yourselves, thus returning to the normal living state of your lives. This is because the information of righteousness and kindness is embedded in the descendants of the Righteous Family group. Hence, it would depend on whether fellow relatives are willing to change yourselves, thereby returning to the original state of your lives. If fellow relatives do not realize the truth, it would be very difficult for you to change and improve your current situation. Once a person has depraved and turned negative in character, it would become a rooted lifestyle extremely difficult to break free. Such people would gradually fall in their life journey.

It is exactly because we have seen many members of our family group who are surviving in an abnormal state of living and fighting hard to survive, I have therefore conveyed these truths to our fellow relatives. Otherwise, these relatives would only walk their paths towards demise.

For the sake of our family group’s progressive development and growth, and also out of my personal responsibility and conscience, I hope to help these fellow relatives through my greatest effort in enabling them to transform themselves after knowing these truths, letting them return to the original state of life, and not living a negative life instead, aimlessly muddling along daily, leading a life without any self-worth in the universe.

As a manager of the family group, how could I not be worried and heartbroken after seeing the plight of our family members leading a life without esteem and worthiness, falling and depraving deeper ever since? As this family group of ours is currently at its development phase, we need different kinds of talents to jointly contribute their efforts towards its upward development. It does not matter which world our fellow relatives are living in, for as long as you are able to return to your own self-nature, be able to see through clearly what you are living for and markedly understood your life direction, I believe fellow relatives will all be able to contribute towards the constructive development of the family group, thus embodying the greater value of their lives.

As highly intelligent human species, our nature is kind and benevolent with many superior, dignified qualities and noble spirit. As long as we are willing to change, we would enable these supreme qualities and noble spirit to be cultivated and achieve proper development, thus allowing us to be the pillars of our family group, contributing our strength towards the upward development of our family group and to the Righteous universe at large.

Received on June 5, 2017


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