Chapter 1 Refinement of Love

When all Righteous lives were first created, they are all filled with love information and energies. Human beings are a species of love, and we are born with full of love. It is just that, to grow and refine this type of love will require us to continue developing this information and energy to a much greater impact.

As a species of love, our lives are originally filled with love information and energies because this is the Creators’ setup for us according to the development needs of the universe. It is precisely because the universe has such needs that we, the lives of love, can have an opportunity to emerge in the vast universe, to embody our worthiness. Since “love” is our lives’ inherited birthright, what should we do to uplift ourselves in enabling this innate “love” to generate its greater impact in the universe? This is the content of this article to be conveyed to fellow relatives.

In order for this inborn love information and energies to exert their greater impact on the universe, it must begin with each word, each action and each thought, letting every word, action and thought to be filled with love. We must not speak with words that would hurt others, must not act and behave in any way that could cause harm to others, and certainly, not harbouring any ill thoughts in the mind. However, at this juncture, our family group is still residing at the lower dimensional spaces of the universe, where many of our family members are still unable to let every bit of their action, speech and thought be teeming with love. It is also hard for them to be considerate towards others and consider the benefit of the public in general. It is exactly because of this that I have written this teaching material to help fellow relatives to attain upliftment, allowing fellow relatives to be aware that every of our action, speech and thought will have such a huge influence on the elevation of life level.

Whilst we live in this universe, living solely for ourselves or for the people and things that we like is a very narrow-minded state of survival. As we are a highly intelligent species, we can generate greater worth in the universe. We must have higher goals in life, possess a grander vision and perspective, thus giving ourselves a chance to understand more truths of the universe. So long as there is an upliftment of life energy frequency and various abilities, there will be opportunities to understand more secrets of the universe and accentuate a much greater worth. If fellow relatives do not possess such consciousness, willingly choose to lead an unworthy life instead, or even to the extent of becoming life that obstructs the upward development of the universe, then it is very pitiful.

Since we are a species of love and righteous lives, we would then, since birth, have our own responsibilities and obligations. We have emerged in this universe to help with the  upward development of the universe, not for ourselves, nor do we appear in this universe for a particular person or matter. If we do not uphold such consciousness or disbelieve this very fact, then our life level would be lower and lower, and we would become a burden to the universe. As highly intelligent lives, once we have become a burden to the universe, that is a shame! Since we have such noble status, we must not live in the universe with humiliation.

It does not matter which level of life stratum our fellow relatives are at, I hope that all of you will have an opportunity to uplift your life level. This is because we are of the same species of love and descendants of righteousness, we have both the information of love and energies. As long as we continue to strive forward, elevate our love energy frequency, fill our heart with love and use love to render care and concern for all people and matters, we will be able to play a greater role in the universe. Since we are lives of love, we are the ambassador of love. Our mission in the universe is to radiate love continuously, give a much bigger love to other people and the universe at large. In this way, the original love embedded within our lives will be able to gain refinement.

Received on June 5, 2017


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