Survival Strategy Preface

The compilation of this teaching material, The Survival Strategy, is to enable all members of our family group to know a better way to survive in the universe and gain the knowledge of finding the correct survival strategy. This is also the principle idea of the book.

This teaching material is a collection of our pioneering Ancestors’ survival experience as well as the guidance received from elder Ancestors. By disseminating this teaching material to each and every world within our small universe family group is to allow all members of our family group to understand the development history and the current situation of our family group, and to be aware of the kind of qualities and spirits our family group has been upholding in order to reach the current stage we are in today. Hopefully, with this knowledge, fellow relatives are able to learn the noble spirit from our pioneering Ancestors including their survival experience, thus building a strong foundation for your life journeys and enabling yourselves to grow and progress much faster.

As highly intelligent human species, if we do not know our path of surviving well, we will be thrown into passivity and live aimlessly in the vast universe. With this way of living, not only are we unable to embody any value, we will instead fall gradually, even to the extent of facing destruction.

The teaching material in The Survival Strategy serves the purpose of helping all members of our family group to understand the survival strategy and follow this correct survival path to develop and uplift ourselves, to play a bigger role and embody greater self-worth in the universe.

Received on June 5, 2017


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