Chapter 27 The Path of Righteousness in the Human Worlds

By setting the title “The Path of Righteousness in the Human Worlds” for Chapter 27 in the book Humanity, it is hoped that all members in the family group will learn to walk on the righteous path in the human worlds through learning the teaching materials in Humanity.

In the universe, lifeforms that act against and violate the laws of the universe will not be able to achieve true bliss and happiness, nor embody any real worth. Although they can still live in the universe temporarily, they will be leading a life filled with troubles and sufferings, and eventually will still be eliminated by the grand universe.

With the educational concepts of our Righteous Family group, it is hoped that fellow relatives can uplift your cognition through learning the teachings written and compiled by the senior management, and gain more knowledge of the laws of the universe, and survive in accordance with the laws of the universe.

As a highly intelligent lifeform, not knowing the laws of the universe is very pathetic. Since it is impossible to abide by the laws without first acquiring some knowledge of the cosmic laws, you are therefore incapable of knowing whether what you have done is actually conforming to the cosmic laws. Therefore, we have written and compiled and disseminated a varied level of teaching materials to enable members of the family group to gain an understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe and the basic truths of life itself, and not to live blindly in the universe and be unaware of having stepped on the wrong path of life.

Since the founding and establishment of our family group till now, the pioneers and Ancestors have made tremendous amount of contributions to our family group. As the descendants of the Righteous Family group, we should inherit, learn and propagate their courage and propensity to face imminent dangers, the spirit to meet challenges head-on and their ethos for continual inventiveness.

During the founding phase of our family group, the surviving conditions were extremely difficult; whereas the material conditions now in each and every world of our family group have become very bountiful and the living conditions are also getting much bettter. Therefore, fellow relatives in each and every world should be appreciative and grateful for having the privilege to enjoy this comfortable and easy life, and be thankful for the diligence and contributions made by our pioneers and Ancestors. This is especially when there were many pioneering Ancestors and relatives who have sacrificed their lives for the construction and development of the family group. We should be even more grateful to them.

As beneficiaries, if we do not know these truths, we will not have a grateful heart, become increasingly insensitive, so making it harder to find the right direction in life as well as lacking the motivation for our positive development. In particular, fellow relatives living in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces who do not have the opportunity to learn these legitimate and systematic knowledge of our Righteous Family group that they have lost their direction in life, and have turned depraved.

As the chief person-in-charge of our small universe family group, I am very worried about the fellow relatives living in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces. This is because many fellow relatives have already become the puppets of the evil forces, and have slipped towards the evil worlds. However, owing to the fact that fellow relatives do not understand these truths, not realizing the worthiness and significance of life that they have failed to make any changes, and merely living their life callously and without any inspirations.

Due to the lack of ability in distinguishing between good and evil, kindness and deviousness, fellow relatives in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces no longer know the criterion of righteousness and evilness, and therefore, do not understand what is the Right Path, and are also uncertain if you have walked the right path now. It is precisely because these worlds have accumulated such enormous problems that we have thought of finding ways to disseminate the universe knowledge so as to allow all members of the family group to know what is the path of righteousness in the human worlds, and how to conform to the laws of the universe.

I have designated the title “The Path of Righteousness in the Human Worlds” as the last chapter in Humanity for the purpose of conveying to fellow relatives the notion of right path in the human worlds, on how you should walk the righteous path in humanity in order to execute your roles in the universe and embody the true values in life.

Fellow relatives can simply understand that the righteous path in the human worlds is to survive according to the cosmic laws, and that all other manners of act and living which contravene the laws of the universe will be considered as going against the Dao, or the Way, and is not called or deemed the righteous path. However, fellow relatives in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces are unaware of these criteria, thinking that by being good and not causing harm to others meant that they have trailed the righteous path. In reality, being a good person and not harming others are merely the foundation to getting on the righteous path. The true righteous path in the human worlds has much higher criteria. Not only must you be decent people, you must also understand the laws of the universe and to do things that conform with the cosmic laws. This then is the true path of humanity. However, not many fellow relatives can do it. If you have done this only in small measure, you cannot proclaim that you have already walked on the righteous path because you are still a long way away from the actual right path of the human worlds.

Why is this so? This is because, as long as fellow relatives are still emitting negative information towards the universe, committing something which hurts others or jeopardizes the benefits of the public, possessing selfish desires etc., all these shall constitute an act against the Dao, or the Way. These behaviors that obstruct the upward development of the universe are all considered a defiance of the Way. I have therefore relayed to you that there are very few fellow relatives in the lower dimensional spaces who actually walked the righteous path. Although there is a portion of fellow relatives who are still kind, loving and contributing to the world, they have not realized that it is only by living a life in full compliance with the laws of the universe, not hindering the positive development of the universe that they are considered as walking the righteous path in the human worlds. It is precisely because fellow relatives in the worlds of lower dimensional spaces do not understand these truths that it is very difficult for them to make it.

Today, through the last article in Humanity, the true meaning of “the righteous path in the human worlds” has been duly expressed to fellow relatives with the hope that you will acquire the correct knowledge on Humanity’s true righteous path so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

As highly intelligent Righteous lifeforms, we must live according to the laws of the universe, know how to safeguard the interest of the universe for its upward development, and treat everything on the development of the Righteous universe as our own responsibilities. As long as we are still emitting negative information, then we are causing obstruction to the cosmic upward development; which means that we are still going against the Way, and have not entirely walked the right path of the human worlds. Only those people who live their lives fully according to the cosmic laws can they be considered as walking the righteous path of humanity.

Since the righteous path in the human worlds has such high criteria, I certainly wish that all fellow relatives can achieve them. This is because only by reaching such standard will you truly become the highly intelligent Righteous lifeforms, as well as fulfilling the original intentions of the Creators in creating us. If such standards are not met, and you are still manifesting negative information, then you cannot consider yourself to be on the true path of humanity. The reason is that we have not reached that level of purity and that kind of standard as well.

This teaching material Humanity serves to help fellow relatives in the family group to change and uplift yourselves through learning and gradually reaching the high standard of the righteous path in the human worlds. Without understanding these truths, it would be difficult to achieve the goal. Once fellow relatives have realized these truths, I believe many of you will be able to achieve it, and continue walking on this bright grand path of the human worlds, therein to contribute your strength towards the upward development of the family group, and strive unceasingly to accentuate your greater worth. This is the correct understanding with regards to the righteous path of human worlds that the highly intelligent Righteous lifeforms should possess, and it shall also be the correct path which we must take for the rest of our lives. Only when we walk on the righteous path in the human worlds can we have the opportunity to ascend to the worlds of higher dimensional spaces and play bigger roles and accentuate greater worth.

Received on March 11, 2017

(The End)


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