Chapter 26 Perfection

“Perfection” is the best state of being that all of us wish to achieve. This is because in the human worlds, there are very few people who can reach this state of being. Therefore, we look forward to achieving this status very much. The “perfection” in this article refers to a person who has reached the intended outcome which the Creators expect when they first developed the various functionalities of lives. This is what I mean by the state of perfection of a human life.

At this juncture, although we do not possess the capability to reach that state of perfection, we can, through our continual hard work and efforts, develop and elevate toward that direction, which is the primary and foremost goal of our lives as human beings. It is only when we accomplish this first goal of our life journey that we have a chance to develop and progress to a higher sphere. Hopefully fellow relatives are clear that there is still a very dynamic and big capacity for expansion in our human lives, and we should not restrict ourselves in these lower spheres of human worlds or life spaces. This is because as a highly intelligent species, we human beings possess the capability of continually evolving ourselves. This type of evolution has surpassed the continuous uplifting of the same species. It is a realization of the transformation of a species from its own kind to a higher-level species.

By revealing this truth to fellow relatives, it is hoped that no matter what kind of world or what social stratum you belong to, you should cheer up, and not stopping your pace of progress or even abandoning your pursuit of a beautiful life. This is because we, as human species, have the ability to continue transforming ourselves and to create glory and splendour. When the Creators created us, they gave us a multitude of capabilities. Although right at this juncture, we are unable to perfect all of our abilities, we can enhance them one by one. This is also considered to be the perfection of a single ability. We can begin with the successful realization of a single capability and progressively perfect other abilities. I believe that, in the lifelong journey of life, there will come a day when we will finally be able to fulfil all our wishes, thus perfecting our entire lives and marching to higher-level spheres.

In order to fulfill such aspirations, we must begin by first perfecting our most basic ability. This is because every one of us came into this world with a clean slate. Even though we were born with much potential, we still must go through various trials and tribulations, allowing our various abilities to truly make their mark in this world. If we did not play any role in the universe, or worse, be counterproductive, we would become a burden, or even the destroyers of the universe. This will be against our Creators’ original intentions in creating us.

It is a fact that we live and survive in varied levels of the worlds in the universe is for the sole purpose of training our abilities. The more capable we are, the better we are able to play our roles in the universe. In fact, in the universe, there are many people who have made the mistake of being self-conceited simply because they are unaware of the truth. This in turn has made the various talents which they have acquired hinder the upward development of the universe. The lives of those who have violated the cosmic laws will be sanctioned by the laws of the universe sooner or later. As descendants of the Righteous Family group, we must fulfil our responsibilities to bring about the upward development of the universe, and all the capabilities which we have acquired must be used to serve the course of righteousness.

We must not become the burdens or destroyers of the universe, because living our lives in this manner is meaningless and unworthy. In the universe, although some of the evil species have been continually disturbing and even harming us, we can use them to train our abilities and to increase our wisdom. Their existence has also given us the chance to train our abilities and raise the level of our wisdom speedily. Although we do not like them, we should be grateful to them, for their disturbances and harm give us an opportunity to elevate ourselves more quickly.

Achieving perfection of our various capabilities will require us to go through a long process. It is not a state of achievement in which we can uplift ourselves overnight. Therefore, we should not be eager for instant success and quick benefits. We must build our capabilities well over the course of our lifetime, allowing all of our abilities to reach their full potential and play their proper roles well in the universe.

We can experience various kinds of training processes in the course of our life journeys. Although this training process will encompass various changes, it is challenging, and we can experience our achievements through these challenges. As long as we continue to uplift and transcend ourselves, we will definitely have a sense of accomplishment. These achievements will sustain and keep us moving forward, and encourage us to meet even greater challenges during the various training phases.

However, at this juncture, many fellow relatives within our family group have not gained such knowledge, and are unaware of these truths, leading them to live a rather confusing life. Not only do they not possess the spirit of challenging themselves, they have even lost their direction in life. Nevertheless, among this group of fellow relatives, some have mastered very strong capabilities. As they have not fully understood these principles, they have used their abilities merely as a basis for survival. They do not yet know that it will be much more worthwhile and meaningful if they are to use such talents and trained capabilities to serve the universe.

Now that our family group is capable of disseminating this knowledge to each and every world, this is indeed a great fortune of our family group and is even a blessing to all fellow relatives. Being able to reach the standard of capability we enjoy today, all the members of our family group have made tremendous efforts and sacrifices. Hopefully, all fellow relatives who have acquired this knowledge will know how to cherish it. This is because in the universe, there are still many other worlds which do not have that ability to disseminate this knowledge at present. Our family group has made it – this is the fruit of all members of our family group who have fought hard day and night in each and every post of theirs.

Even though our capability is limited, and even if we do not possess the great ability to reach perfection, we must try our best to perfect ourselves at different phases of our lives, become worthy lives that are full of hopes, and progressively making all the necessary preparations for realizing the first goal of our life journey.

Received on March 11, 2017


1.The transformation of a species from its own kind to a higher-level species: When the Creators develop a species and give it life, there is a set-up procedure. When this life has completely fulfilled all the designed procedures, the Creators can, through the employment of higher technological means, expand on the fundamentals of this life, allowing it to possess greater capabilities to serve the universe.


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