Chapter 25 Future Prospects

The “Future Prospects” should be the common goal of all members of our family group. It is only with such a goal that our whole family group can gather all our strength and strive towards this common direction. Although our family group is less advanced, we may rely on our joint efforts to develop upwards. There will come a day when our development will reach the very high level enjoyed by other family groups.

Other than our family group, we can see that many other family groups are developing better and better, and they are getting faster at the speed of their development. We feel that they are indeed at the peak of their performance, attaining perfection! Their worlds have already developed to a certain heightened degree. Everything seems so perfect and we look forward to their present conditions of living. By comparison, looking at the current stage of our family group, we truly need all members of our family to make greater efforts to advance our family group to reach for a higher goal.

Right now, our family group is facing unprecedented difficulties. We are short of talents in every respect, which has severely hindered the upward development of our family group. Although we possess many developable spheres, due to a lack of relevant talents who can enable this expansion at higher regions, we lack the basis to move forward continuously to the higher-dimensional spaces. This is the current situation of our small universe family group.

By earnestly telling these truths to all fellow relatives in each and every world, it is hoped that all of you, after having gained a clear insight of the current situation of our family group, will commit to improving yourselves, training yourselves well in your areas of skills and specialties, raising your level of energy frequencies, thereby entering the higher-dimensional spaces to make greater contributions to the upward development of our grand family. In this way, not only will fellow relatives reflect your greater worth, you will also be able to experience and enjoy the distinctive outlooks of different worlds in the higher-dimensional spaces.

At present, our family group already has many different worlds in various dimensional spaces, waiting for our fellow relatives from different worlds to ascend to their respective worlds to continue to reflect their worthiness after they have acquired their skills and strengthened their capabilities. This is because different worlds have varied splendours and of course, there will be different challenges too. I believe that all fellow relatives of the Righteous Family group possess courage and a self-challenging spirit.

With so many new worlds, then more opportunities become available for fellow relatives. However, in order to embrace this opportunity, fellow relatives will need to improve every aspect of your capability at the present stage. Only when fellow relatives have fully prepared yourselves are you able to take on greater challenging opportunities. This will have a real impact on every one of us, because as members of the Righteous Family group, we have inherited an innate spirit that is always forward looking. It is exactly because of this spirit that we receive tremendous support and help from the related senior departments of the universe.

Fellow family relatives can, through your own efforts, achieve your personal future goals. However, with respect to our family group’s vision for the future, the coordinated efforts of all family members are necessary to achieve our ends. In the face of such problems, the only way forward is to engage the joint efforts of all our family members in learning the truths, aspiring to make greater efforts and working harder to reach our family group’s future goals.

In telling fellow relatives these truths, I hope to provide a clear direction for development. Irrespective of where your particular level of capability is now, you can still elevate and perfect yourselves through your own efforts, thus permitting yourselves to increase your capability to reach towards other regions of higher-dimensional spaces and to achieve greater worthiness.

It has not been easy to have been able to transmit these knowledge and truths to the various worlds of our family group, until now. If we had possessed such a capability before, our small universe family group would not have been in the state in which we are in. Now that we have made it possible to share this knowledge, fellow relatives must cherish it. This is an opportunity given to each one of you to develop and elevate yourselves. Even more so, it is an opportunity given to our entire family group to reach the future goals.

Received on March 10, 2017


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