Chapter 24 The Window of Heart and Soul

“Heart and soul” is, in fact, a description of our own life’s inner being, which is also a person’s window to the outer world. If a person’s heart and soul is not kind and righteous, then his/her outward behaviour will not be good either, because a person’s inner spiritual level determines the height of his/her personal cultivation.

In order to keep our spiritual level higher and higher, we must pay attention in our daily lives to accumulate more positive information, allowing this positive information to play its respective role in our lives. This is because positive information will cohere as a powerful positive energy which will play a role in elevating the quality of our life bodies and shielding us from the disturbance of negative information, etc. Positive information is the very source of strength for the Righteous lifeforms, and it is also very important to every one  of us.

The kind of information accumulated in a person will cause him/her to become the type of life form correspondingly. If we have accumulated positive information in our daily lives, we will become lives of positive energy. On the contrary, if we have accumulated negative information in our daily lives, we will become lives of negative energy, or even become evil lives. All of the information we have accumulated will go through our heart to direct our life bodies. This means that, positive information will direct our life bodies to generate positive effects whereas negative information will direct our life bodies to play a negative role. Therefore, the type of information we accumulate daily is of utmost importance. This is the intertwined relationship created between our accumulated information and our own lives.

To accumulate more positive information, every single thought and behaviour in our daily lives must all be positive ones. In this manner, it will allow our spirit to become purer and purer. Once our hearts and souls are purified, we would not emit negative information at all. When there is no negative information in our entire life, the negative information of the outer environment can no longer disturb and consume us anymore. If we are able to always maintain only positive information in our entire life, then we are positive persons. Positive people can live in the universe blissfully and happily, and this type of bliss and happiness can provide positive strength to the universe.

For fellow relatives who are living in the higher-dimensional spaces, it is very easy for them to achieve this state. However, it would be extremely difficult for fellow relatives who are living in the lower-dimensional spaces because there are negative energy fields everywhere in the lower-dimensional worlds. Within the ambience of such gigantic negative energy fields, it is very hard for them to free themselves from the influence of the negative information, which means that it is an arduous task to let their mind quieten down and even more difficult to fill their lives completely with positive information. Therefore, fellow relatives living under such environment will be unable to lead their mind and behaviour towards a positive direction.

Still, it does not matter what kind of environment fellow relatives are living in, or what kind of difficulties you are facing—my heartfelt wish is for you to try your very best to cultivate and perfect yourselves, allowing your every single thought and mindset to be a positive one after having realized these truths. Once fellow relatives have accumulated more and more positive energies, the interference from outer negative information will be minimized and will even lose its effect on you.

If fellow relatives wish to achieve this level of ability, you will have to maintain your hearts and souls in a constant state of well-being. This is because our hearts and souls are our life’s windows to the outside world, and we should let the windows of our hearts and souls reflect a positive impact in the universe.

Received on March 10, 2017


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