Chapter 23 Responsibilities and Obligations

As we emerge in the universe, we originally have our own responsibilities and obligations. Without responsibility and obligation, we will lose the meaning of existence. In other words, a person must exert his/her own self-worth to live a meaningful life. Living without value will be seen as a burden to the universe. It is highly essential to convey to fellow relatives in this manner on the topic of Responsibilities and Obligations. If a person living in the universe does not understand what his/her own responsibilities and obligations are, he/she will lose his/her direction.

Humans, as highly intelligent species, will not exist in the universe if we do not have any responsibility and obligation, because the Creators have already positioned the human species when we were created. It is also because a highly intelligent species is needed in the lower-dimensional spaces of the universe to lead other species so that they can also play a positive role in the universe.

The emergence of the humans has indeed brought about rapid development for the universe, because human beings were being setup and accorded with a myriad of capabilities by the Creators. These abilities have certainly exerted a huge impact within the boundaries of the human space, and have led most of the species within the scope of human ability towards a very sound and firm development. It has also promoted the upward development of the whole universe, thus achieving its fundamental effect.

In fact, the lower-dimensional spaces are the most basic segments in the universe. If these most basic sectors are not perfected, they will affect the development of the middle foundation segments, and so forth. As long as the foundational link is not taken care of perfectly, it will influence the entire upward development of the universe.

The purpose of telling fellow relatives these truths is to let you understand that you must know your responsibilities and obligations, because we, as human beings, are to lead many other species within the human space to continue with their upward development. Of course, this is only one of our responsibilities and obligations. As a highly intelligent species, our other responsibility and obligation is: “to emit positive information to serve as the motivating power to the universe for its upward development, and at the same time, provide to the higher hierarchy within the universe”. This is because all the positive information we have manifested will not only supply the motivating strength to the universe for its constructive developments, it will also serve as a vital and beneficial material for the Creators to create species of much higher calibre and intelligence to help speed up the upward development of the universe. Therefore, this secondary responsibility and obligation of ours are no less important than the prime responsibility and obligation of us as the leaders.

Hence fellow relatives must understand that the positive information which you emit is highly significant for the upward development of the universe. If we fail to understand these truths, we will disregard our life and its journey, except merely thinking of life as a self-serving body which belongs to us only. This is especially true with the fellow relatives living in the worlds of the lower-dimensional spaces, most of you have such presumptions, which is primarily why it has been so difficult to develop in the worlds of lower-dimensional spaces. As our fellow relatives living in the lower-dimensional spaces have very little knowledge about the truth of the universe, you do not possess higher wisdom and a broader mind to look at your own life, let alone having the ability to know the truth of the universe. Precisely because such problems exist in the worlds of the lower-dimensional spaces, it is highly necessary for fellow relatives living in this space to learn about this basic knowledge to elevate yourselves, thereby cultivating the correct outlook on life, values and view of the universe. Only when you are able to stand on such a vantage point and have acquired a decent depth of this consciousness can you then truly begin your role as a human being.

If we are living in this world without actually knowing what we are living for, we will not be able to even embark on our true journey of human life. Before learning about this truth, we live just for the sake of living without quite realizing the true significance of living our lives. Such a state of survival is, indeed, an abnormal way of living for the highly intelligent human species. Therefore, I have told fellow relatives that, only when we have understood what we are living for, and are clear about our direction in life can we become fully human.

Having imparted the aforementioned principles, I shall now convey to fellow relatives on how to fulfil your responsibilities and obligations. This is also a very important point.

As human beings, the most basic requisite is to have a sense of responsibility. This means that we must uphold responsibility as the foundation of everything we do. Regardless of whether it is for ourselves or the people around us, towards the entire society or the whole universe, we should think and do all things with a sense of responsibility. Without a sense of responsibility, we will do everything at will and it will be impossible to do anything well then. Hence, such working style and attitude is contrary to our status as leaders.

Of course, we must fulfil our obligations to people and matters around us, because caring for others, loving all existences and handling well all our personal matters are the very fundamental obligations of being a human.

If we do not understand what our responsibilities and obligations are, we will be living our lives blindly without a right direction, and making life more and more unworthy. Living in this way for over a period of long time will eventually cause a person to become increasingly empty, and progressively losing confidence in his/her life. When a person loses his/her right direction in life, he/she will become lazy, or even taking a liberal attitude towards himself/herself, or worst, despise his/her own life! This negative state of surviving will inherently destroy a person’s entire life journey; therefore, fellow relatives must ensure that you pay full attention to this very serious problem.

I have elaborated these contents so as to allow all fellow relatives to have a clear idea of the basic principles, human etiquettes and the essential qualities of being a human. It is only after having understood these underlying principles can fellow relatives realize the cause of your problems, thus enable you to change for the better, become a worthy life, fulfill your responsibilities and obligations, and contribute your own efforts towards the upward development of the universe. This is then deemed as a meaningful life.

Received on March 10, 2017


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