“Faith” is having strong belief or trust in a certain concept; it can also be understood as hope. “Faith” can bring infinite strength to a person and this strength can sustain him/her through his/her lifelong journey.

Not only can faith give us hope, it also gives us strength, and therefore, a person’s faith will affect his/her entire life. Of course, there is a distinction between good and bad faith. Good faith can lead us to become positive and unafraid of hardships; whereas bad faith can make us rest on our laurels and not wanting to progress further. As these two different types of faith will lead us to two completely different life paths, it will therefore depend on how fellow relatives make the right choices.

Whilst a person lives in the world, he/she can choose to walk on the right path of life and rely on good faith to support himself/herself through all phases of his/her life. Regardless of how big a difficulty and hardship we encounter, we can count on good faith to get ourselves through these obstacles one after another. This is the effect of having good faith in our life.

Indeed, there is still a portion of people in this world who choose to walk on the wrong path of life. As they do not have the support of good faith, when they meet various kinds of difficulties during their life journey, they will take a liberal attitude towards themselves or give up hopes on themselves, causing them to lead a life with even more ensuing difficulties. When a person’s life is filled with negative information, it is very hard for him/her to change his/her erroneous belief, thereby causing him/her to be incapable of finding the right direction in life. It is due to the fact that this kind of person does not hold any positive information in his/her life that he/she does not have the good faith which encourages and motivates him/her to have progressive, positive spirit.

Thus, it can be seen that accumulating positive information in our daily lives is very important, because positive information can help us achieve bliss and happiness. Certainly, it also leads us to walk on the correct path of life. Although faith is vitally important in our life journey, accumulating positive information is fundamental. This is because only positive information is able to generate good faith which in turn helps us overcome every obstacle in our life journey, as well as enables us to stay in good shape and to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Although this article on “Faith” is short and simple, its meaning is significant as it points fellow relatives to the right direction in life, allowing you to choose the correct path in your life journey.

Received on March 9, 2017


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