Chapter 21 The Panorama of Life

All of us are very familiar with life as there are various forms of lives surrounding us. The very space in which we are living now is the Space of Life. However, the life which we are so familiar with has a much broader meaning and infinite secrets. With our current capabilities in the universe, we are still unable to go beyond the Life Space to get a full view of life and conduct any comprehensive overview and analysis of life.

At this juncture, we are still unable to grasp all the secrets of life, given the current ability of our small universe family group. However, with our continual effort in exploring life, we will be able to understand more and more mysteries of life. 

Although there are limitations on our understanding of life, at our current level of knowledge, we have already known that life has the capacity to evolve unceasingly. This kind of evolution has surpassed the definition of “life elevation”, and is also different from the concept of life growth. It is actually the evolution of the nature of life itself, which represents the true meaning of transformation of life1. Such truth excites and encourages us, enabling us to know the direction of our elevation. With this lead, regardless of the types of hardship and obstacle which we encounter at any stage of our life, we will be able to overcome them progressively in fulfilling our aspirations, and allow ourselves to get even closer to our goals.

It can be said that the stratum of life is the most unstable one in the universe. Hereon, it is the mission of the highly intelligent lives to mitigate and adjust these unstable factors, allowing these unstable factors to supply beneficial resources to the advanced existence on an orderly, perpetual basis. As to the appearance and embodiment of these advanced beings, we are currently incapable of knowing further about this. However, we do know that life can make use of existing conditions to constantly provide more effective, much higher-frequency information and energies to the advanced existence, thus making contributions to the upward development of the universe. This is the fundamental knowledge about the stratum of life. With our ever-increasing capabilities, I believe we will gain a more comprehensive understanding of life. 

In fact, in this phase, we are still incapable of depicting the panorama of life in its entirety. We can only give an account of the known aspects of life so far in order to allow our fellow relatives to gain a conceptual understanding and awareness. This will help fellow relatives to move forward along the correct life paths and constantly explore towards a higher sphere.

At the present moment, our small universe family is still situating at a slightly backward stage as we are at the beginning of an upward development phase. In this respect, we are still incapable of knowing the profound Truth. We can, nonetheless, rely on our own efforts to make greater contributions to the universe, thereby gaining more help and support from the related departments of the universe to allow us to acquire further  knowledge about the universe. It is only through this that our family group will then be able to rapidly progress upwards. This is the foremost mission of all members of our family group at this juncture.

It is only when our small universe family group progresses to a higher level that we can contribute strongly towards the big universe. We must transcend ourselves constantly to create greater value. This is the faith that runs through all hierarchies of our entire family group. Hopefully, this faith will be steadfast in the hearts of all our fellow relatives, and let us cohere all of our strength to jointly explore the secrets of life and the universe. I believe that one day, the panorama of life will be presented to us in full, allowing all fellow relatives to gain a complete appreciation of life from a vantage point we have not reached before, and together, praise the magnificence of life!

Received on March 9, 2017


The true meaning of transformation of life: For every species of lifeform, there will be a corresponding setup when its life is created. When a lifeform has accomplished and perfected all the capabilities which the Creators have set up during the course of its life journey, it will, through its own powerful ability, and with the help of the Creators, elevate its own level of capability, and allow this lifeform to be even more capable of embodying its own values in the universe.


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