Chapter 20 State of Human Consciousness

“State of Human Consciousness” is a kind of mindset developed from a person’s perception of his/her outlook in life, sense of values and views of the world in general. This state of mindset has a direct influence on a person’s judgement towards everything. If a person wishes to establish an ideal state of consciousness, he/she must hold the right view on things and matters.

For a person to correctly understand matters and affairs, he/she must receive education on the right knowledge. For example, how to conduct ourselves in manners that befit humanity. As human beings, we must master some correct fundamental knowledge. If wrong teaching has been given and accepted, it will lead a person to have a misconstrued outlook in life, sense of values and views of the world. These three misconceptions will lead a person to form a wrong state of awareness or mindset, which will affect a person’s accurate cognition on matters. This is why it is so frightening without the due guidance and education on the right knowledge!

A person with a misconstrued state of consciousness will cause him/her to harbour the wrong outlook of the whole world. Of course, having a poor judgement on matters and affairs will lead a person towards the wrong path as well. It can be seen here that it is so important for a person to establish the right state of consciousness.

As to how a person can establish the correct state of consciousness, I shall simply explain to fellow relatives the following four-step approach:

First, we must possess the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, and able to adhere to the correct way of living.

Second, we must ensure all our thoughts are positive ones. For example, if the world is not good enough, then every one of us is responsible for it. We must first begin by transforming ourselves in order to influence more of others, thus changing the world for the better. This is just an example. Fellow relatives can, through various aspects, establish your own correct mindset and constantly keep the thoughts in your mind forming in the right direction.

Third, we must always guide our behaviour with correct thoughts so as to allow these rightful thinking to create an impact towards our behaviour. For example, caring and helping other people, participating in social welfare activities that are helpful in promoting harmony of the entire world, etc. This series of positive actions will not only influence ourselves but other people as well. If every one of us has such a proper sense of awareness, this world will be considered a highly civilised one.

Lastly, we must elevate our wisdom by acquiring the right knowledge and utilizing wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong. If a person does not have sufficient wisdom to judge any given situation, he/she will not be able to establish a proper outlook in life, sense of values and perspective of the world. It is only when fellow relatives raise your level of wisdom through gaining positive knowledge, and thus strengthening your cognitive skills and abilities, that you will be able to judge accurately between the right and wrong of matters.

The aforementioned serves to lead all fellow relatives to understand the nature of matters from numerous facets, and through it, gaining more training opportunities across all matters and affairs to elevate your capabilities in all aspects of life. In order to become true talents in this world, we must elevate ourselves by enhancing our observation skills towards all matters and the world, thus allowing us to gain sufficient wisdom in establishing the right state of consciousness. It is only when we possess the right state of consciousness that we are able to constantly ascend and develop, thereby embracing a bigger role to accentuate greater value in the universe.

Received on March 9, 2017


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