Chapter 19 The Effects of Our Behaviour

Everyone is accustomed to the term “behaviour” because we exhibit all kinds of behaviours every day. However, there are very few people who will analyze their own behaviour, and are even less clear of the effects their behaviour will have on the universe.

Our behaviour seems perfectly normal, but it is actually not. Behaviour with smaller impacts affects our personal development, whilst the larger ones influence the harmony of the society, and progressively impacts the overall development of the universe. This is because all of our behaviour transmits various kinds of information that affect the information fields of our living space. Good behaviour projects positive information to the universe, but undesirable behaviour adds confusion to the information fields of our living space. In fact, we can comprehend it in this way: In the universe, all good behaviour will promote the positive development of the universe; conversely, bad behaviour hinders the upward development of the universe.

The purpose of conveying such truths to fellow relatives is to let you know that you must pay great attention to each of your behaviour. This is because every behaviour of ours will have a definite impact on the external environment. Since behaviour has such a great impact on the universe, how then do we manage our behaviour in our daily lives? This constitutes the core content of this article.

Behaviour, in general, describes our daily habitual way of speaking and behaving, and the manner in which we walk, stand, sit, lie down, etc. – all these seemingly mundane actions. However, most of our fellow human beings who are living in the lower-dimensional worlds do not pay much attention to them. Although a minority of people possess some degree of cultivation and pay extra attention to their behaviour, they do not have a higher level of understanding of the consciousness behind behaviour. They are only conscious of the fact that paying attention to their behaviour will improve the quality of their lives and are unaware that their behaviour will affect others and influence the information fields of the living space.

If all fellow relatives understand these truths, I believe you will make an effort to transform yourselves and change those undesirable behaviour. Of course, fellow relatives who already have a definite degree of cultivation can also be more stringent in aligning yourselves with the existing foundation, thereby raising your level of consciousness to the point where every act of your behaviour would bring about positive information to the universe.  

As fellow relatives who are living in the lower-dimensional spaces do not understand this truth, they fail to pay attention to every aspect of their behaviour. A person who does not pay attention to his/her behaviour, his/her life level is definitely low. (Note: Life level refers to the category and level of life form. It is an achieved life level and does not refer to the administrative level of a person in the mundane concept. We can comprehend it as a life form’s energy, its wisdom, capability and cultivation, etc. in a combined state. With human life alone, there are many life levels which range from low to high, and the entire life level within the living space is innumerable.) Therefore, if a person wishes to increase his/her life level, he/she must start by changing his/her undesirable behaviour. This is because people who do not correct their behaviour are unable to elevate their life level.

In fact, from a person’s behaviour, it is possible to understand his/her level of cultivation. In other words, a person’s level of cultivation signifies his/her life level. We can understand the degree of a person’s life level through his/her outward expression and presentation of his/her behaviour.

A person’s life level naturally corresponds to the height of his/her own life energy frequency – this is obvious. Therefore, when we change ourselves in our daily lives, we must also pay attention to the transformation of our behaviour. Of course, if fellow relatives wish to become a talent of great wisdom in the universe, play a bigger role and reflect a greater worth, not only must you change your behaviour, you have to work on changing every aspect of your life as well, and to elevate your combined capability.

From the entire content of Humanity, it is rather easy for fellow relatives to see that I have thoroughly conveyed in various aspects the basic principles and etiquette of being a human. Although these are the most fundamental principles of human etiquette, there are still many fellow relatives from our family group living in the lower-dimensional worlds who have not attained this knowledge. As a result, they are unable to find the correct life path, and do not know how to elevate themselves and create a greater value in their lives. Whichever world fellow relatives are living in, if you have an opportunity to acquire this knowledge, you must cherish it. Make good use of this knowledge in your daily lives, allow it to function as a guide to make an impact in your lives, thereby embodying due values of your own.

Received on March 8, 2017


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