Chapter 18 Relationships Between People

The theme of this chapter entitled “Relationships Between People” is very obvious. It is through this topic that I wish to convey to fellow relatives how to properly manage the relationships between people. In our human worlds, the art of managing relationships with others is subtle yet profound. If not well handled, it can affect family, society and possibly even the development of the entire universe.

At this juncture, our small universe family group is still at a relatively nascent stage. The knowledge and education we are imparting to you now is still in its primary stage, and we are at the beginning of the disseminating phase. Of course, this knowledge has long been taught and shared in the higher-dimensional spaces, whereas it has just recently been introduced in those Yin-property worlds and Yang-property worlds of the lower-dimensional spaces. To be able to spread this fundamental universe knowledge in the Yang-property worlds is indeed the greatest breakthrough for our small universe family group. Therefore, when fellow relatives in the Yang-property worlds acquire this knowledge, you must cherish it, make good use of it to uplift and transform yourselves, get along with each other wisely and change your imperfections. These are the benefits this knowledge will bring you.

In the universe, there are many human worlds. As long as it is a world, there will be all kinds of relationships between people. It is just that in the higher-level human worlds, and due to the wisdom level of the humans there having reached a certain height, they are hence capable of managing well the various relationships between people. It is only in the lower-dimensional worlds that the interactions between people are not so harmonious due to their lack of wisdom. This is also because humans in lower-dimensional spaces are more selfish, and they think of themselves first in whatever they do. People who are self-centred and self-serving do not get along well with anyone. Even if there is harmony on the surface, it is superficial and deployed only for personal gain.

If a person is positive, he/she puts himself/herself in the position of others in whatever things he/she does, considers the interests of others first, and gets along harmoniously with anyone. Wherever that kind of person goes, he/she will cause the information fields around him/her to be very pure, with his/her own information field that will influence everyone in presence. This is the powerful effect a person with positive energy can have on this world. If every corner of a world is filled with such people, that world’s information fields will be more and more peaceful and stable, and as a result the people living in it will not be impetuous. When a person is not impetuous, he/she is easy to get along with.

There are two main reasons why people do not get along well with each other:

The first reason is due to the lack of wisdom in humans, having insufficient self-cultivation, and being selfish and self-centred.

interfered eveThe second reason is that the chaotic information fields in the living environment have ryone, causing every individual to be perturbed and unpeaceful.

If a person does not realize this truth or know how to control his/her own heart, it is very easy for him/her to be disturbed by the massive outer information fields and become irrational, thereby doing unimaginable things beyond his/her comprehension. Whatever the reasons, it is due to the overall low-level consciousness of the people there; not having any sense of responsibility and mission to change their own living environments, thus causing everyone to not having a favourable living space in elevating themselves. All of these require fellow relatives living in the same world to have a collective consciousness and realization to change themselves, thereby transforming the world. In fact, transforming your own world is actually changing the fates of all people in this world.

The aforementioned relays a broad direction, I shall next expound on the details.

In this world, regardless of the kind of relationship we have with others, we must see and consider the problems from other people’s perspectives and, treat everyone with an understanding and forgiving heart. At home, we must treat our elders with filial respect; there must be equality and fairness, love and respect between husband and wife; siblings must be supportive of each other, and parents must nurture and be a role model for their children. Fostering good relationships with family members is fundamental to a person’s existence in this world. If a person cannot perfect the relationship with his/her own family, it will be difficult for him/her to have a perfect relationship with society. By “perfecting a relationship” I mean to truly, in all honesty and with utmost sincerity, to get along well with people who are related to you, and not putting on a false front for your own personal gains.

By conveying these principles to fellow relatives, it is hoped that all of you will know how to properly handle the various aspects of relationship with one another. As human beings, we must first perfect our relations with our own family because the family is the cell of the whole society. Disharmony within families brings forth disharmony in society; these elements of disharmony affect the information fields in our personal living environment, and these disturbed information fields will, in turn, affect the peacefulness in everyone’s heart.

If we think that our personal issues concern only us, then this kind of thinking is obviously wrong. That is because all our actions and behaviour have an impact on others and, even the whole world. If a person does not know how to get along well with others, it means that he/she is not playing a positive role in this world. If a person only exerts a negative impact on the world, it means that he/she is unworthy. As a human being, If you live in the universe without offering any value, then there is no significance in your existence.

To live with worth and significance, we must first change our wrong, preconceived ideas and behaviour, transform ourselves to become more loving, and learn how to get along well with others. This is fundamental to be a human. Only when we have built a stable foundation of human propriety can we be uplifted, and have a greater impact in this universe.

Having adopted this approach to explain to fellow relatives the article “Relationships Between People”, I hope that fellow relatives can transform yourselves after having understood these principles, establish the correct outlook on life, and build a good foundation for your future advancement and to embody greater values in the universe.

Received on March 8, 2017


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