Chapter 17 Thinking

“Thinking” is a high-level capability which the human species possesses. With this ability, humans can create their own civilizations. In this chapter, I will expound more on this “thinking” capability to fellow relatives.

Our life bodies (“life body” refers to the entirety of life, which includes the Core System of Life and the body itself. It does not refer only to the body alone) are the products of high technology created by the Creators, of which its structure is extremely exquisite and intricate. We can say that the emergence of any highly intelligent species is due to the big universe having this requirement and that all exploitable conditions in the universe are brought together for its creation. Because of the needs of the universe, the human species has emerged in the universe and also has been given this high-level ability of “thinking” by the Creators. It is precisely because of this capability that humans can create infinite possibilities.

The extent to which this “thinking” capability of human beings can develop will subsequently determine the height of human achievements. Since the Creators did not impose any restrictions on this ability of humans, there is no limitation on the development and expansion capacity of human lives.

We have grown used to this “thinking” capability, and use it constantly. Whether it is big issues or small ones we are dealing with, every aspect begins with “thinking”. If we did not have this ability, human lives would lose all their meaning. The creativity of human beings is entirely dominated by “thinking”. Everything that the humans present to outside worlds are driven by “thinking”. It is exactly because of this ability that human beings have limitless potential and can display their unique styles in the universe.

Since humankind has this special “thinking” ability, we should enhance it during our journey of growth, thus permitting this capability to generate positive effects in the universe. However, this “thinking” ability can also play a destructive role in the upward development of the universe. The reason why I am introducing this capability to fellow relatives only at this juncture is because it is only after we have understood the relationship between humans and the universe that we can guide our “thinking” ability to exert a positive impact.

With this article on “Thinking”, I can convey to fellow relatives this Truth: Many abilities the highly intelligent lives have are entirely dependent on the work of the Creators. Based on the type of responsibility and mission a highly intelligent species is going to uphold in the universe, the Creators will set up the corresponding capabilities for this species, thereby enabling it to fulfil its responsibilities and obligations well. The responsibilities of humankind are in line with the needs of the big universe, leading all things that are within our ability to progress upward constantly. Therefore, the responsibility shouldered by humans is extremely heavy. The big universe is the platform on which all species continuously develop upward; hence, how high and advanced human development can reach depends entirely on our capabilities and how much effort we put into our contributions.

The ability of humans to “think” can drive us to progress and develop continuously, because it is only through this “thinking” ability that we know how to create our own worlds.

“Thinking”, an ability which we often take for granted, happens to be the most important and foremost capability in human lives. It is only when we recognize this fact and pay enough attention to this high-level ability that humankind can exert its impact and not squander this high-level ability that has been bestowed on us by the Creators. As long as we have the capability to control our hearts, we can make good use of this “thinking” capability to help the upward development of the universe. This is also the intended and expected effect the Creators wished for when they set up this special capability for us.

It can be said that the ability to control our thinking determines the extent to which our lives reflect great or small values in the universe. No one should underestimate the “thinking” ability. If a person has great ambitions and aims high, he/she should first control his/her thoughts and then allow himself/herself to use this ability to fulfil the ideals and objectives in his/her life.

In this article, I have briefly introduced the “thinking” capability. Hopefully, all fellow relatives will attach great importance to this capability because it has been bestowed upon us by our Creators and it will help us accomplish our mission well, thus contributing greater strength to the grand universe.


Received on March 8, 2017


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