Chapter 16 The Human Worlds

The human worlds are fast-developing worlds, and the emergence of human species in the universe is not very long. Following the development of the big universe, and after it has gone through several adjustments, the human species was created according to the universe’s development needs. It can be said that humans emerged at a very good time. Before the human species was created, there were already many species with significant wisdom that had laid a good foundation for humans. These foundations made it possible for humans to develop very rapidly in the universe. Without such foundation, the human worlds could not have developed on such a grand scale.

Humankind emerged in the universe carrying the expectations and trust of the Creators and began their developmental journey of human worlds. It is because humankind shoulders the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the Creators that they have been receiving the support and help from the relevant department of the universe in the process of development.

Although the human species is young, its potential and future prospects are limitless. Therefore, the human worlds are full of hope. The worlds of human are developed in lower-dimensional spaces, and this kind of environment has given human beings many training opportunities, enabling them to develop quickly and gain an important status in the universe. It is precisely because special talents were bestowed on mankind that the human worlds have the foundation for rapid development.

As a member of the human species, we should feel extremely honored. This is because we possess outstanding talents, and have received help from the relevant department of the universe, which has made our capacity for expansion limitless. We believe that with the continual upward development of the human worlds, human beings will enjoy increasingly higher honour and status. To realize this ideal and goal will require the cooperation and effort of all humanity.

At this juncture, the development of the human worlds has passed and reached a rapid upswing phase. It is credited to the combined efforts and endeavors of all fellow human beings. Under such circumstances, the human worlds have also attracted many other species to come forward for their reproduction and training. This has made the status of the human worlds become ever more important in the universe. Under such a grand backdrop, the human worlds are unceasingly seeking for a broader space to develop, and will not be limited or confined to the lower-dimensional spaces of the universe.

Humankind possesses an immense creative power. We must be confident that we can develop our worlds well, and through our own efforts, unceasingly rise up and move from lower dimensional spaces to higher dimensional spaces, thereby enjoying a much higher status in the universe. It is only when we uphold the creative spirit, remain unafraid in the face of adversity and strive to increase our impact in the universe that we can receive additional support and help from the relevant department of the universe. This extra support and help benefit the rapid development of the human worlds. Of course, our rapid development also promotes the upward development of the grand universe. All our efforts and devotion will also reflect our greatest worth in the universe. As human beings living in the lower-dimensional spaces of the universe, we must take pride in our abilities to create such great worth.

Having said this, as a member of human beings, I feel extremely proud in my heart. This is because I can, through my own effort, achieve limitless elevation possibilities and create greater value. This is indeed the most desirable lifestyle a human yearns for! Therefore, all fellow human beings must cherish the precious opportunity of survival and make good use of it so as to leave behind a glorious chapter in the  universe, allowing all highly intelligent species in the universe to praise the emergence of humankind. I believe that the human worlds will develop and become better and better over time. I also believe that the human worlds will shine with brilliance in the universe and become the iconic Life Space in the universe.

Along with this topic, I would also like to introduce some actual situations about our family group in our small universe to all fellow relatives. Although the human worlds have enjoyed a pivotal position in the universe, our small universe is still positioned in a relatively backward state in the worlds of human. This has led all members of our family group to feel a certain degree of pressure. All the leaders in our family group have dedicated themselves and work ceaselessly day and night for the betterment and expansion of our family group in the hope that one day our small universe family group will keep up with the developmental pace of other family groups in the human worlds. Although our small universe is very young and has not been developing for long, we have high aspirations and we believe that our family group will contribute greater strength to the universe.

We have complete faith that we will lead our family group to become the benchmark and exemplar in the human worlds. In light of the current situation, we will spare no effort to give our all. My sincerest hope is that all fellow relatives who have read this article will follow in our footsteps and strive to work hard to improve themselves, not to avoid hardship, and to contribute their efforts towards the betterment of our family group in this small universe, allowing our family group to create greater worth for the universe. This is the common aspiration of all the leaders in our family group.

Received on March 6, 2017



The universe has gone through several adjustments: In order to allow the universe to achieve better development, when the senior management department of the universe discovers that there are far too many matters and affairs that are hindering its upward development, they will employ various corresponding adjustments or fine tunings to clean these obstacles. This type of adjustment has brought about a major positive impact on the development of the universe. It is exactly because each and every adjustment leaves a huge impact on the development of the universe that the senior management department of the universe conducts regular adjustments on matters and affairs that hinder the upward development of the universe so as to promote a more rapid upward development of it.

Talents: Inborn capabilities.



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