Chapter 15 Harmony

“Harmony” is extremely important and essential to the entire universe. It does not matter if it is the environment within the universe or the relationships between all things in existence, they all need to be in harmony. If there are elements of disharmony in any respect or in any region, it will greatly affect the universe itself and all things in the cosmos. This kind of influence, on a large scale, can cause the laws of the universe to appear chaotic. On a smaller scale, it can cause variation or mutation to all things that exist within the universe.

The aforementioned concept is described with reference to the background of the entire grand universe. From these truths, we understand that the human worlds need harmony as well. If an element of disharmony were to slip in, we would be unable to progress upwards. At this stage, there are many lower dimensional spaces of the human worlds where many factors of disharmony are emerging, and these disharmonious factors have been hindering the overall progress of the human worlds. It requires the concerted efforts of all humanity to resolve and perfect the situation.

These factors include the disharmony both between humans themselves and between humans and other species. These disharmonious factors cause confusion to the information fields within our own living space, leading all lives living in this space to become low-frequency. If there are more low-frequency lives in the universe, it becomes more difficult for the cosmos to progress upwards. This is because those low-frequency lives will, due to their lack of wisdom, constantly destroy the whole framework and structure of the universe. At the same time, the large amount of negative information and low-frequency information emitted by low-frequency lives also further hinders the upward development of the universe.

The problems that exist in the lower-dimensional spaces have always been difficult to deal with. Therefore, the senior management department of the universe regularly reorganizes those spaces with disharmonious factors. This allows factors that hinder the upward development of the universe to be fixed. It is only through this method can such problems appearing in the universe be resolved. At this juncture, we are currently at the stage where the senior management department is restructuring the lower-dimensional spaces of the universe. It is hoped that all fellow relatives will pay close attention to this matter, and after having understood these truths, you will transform yourselves to become positive persons. In fact, people with positive energy can be considered harmonious people, because only those who live in accordance with the laws of the universe can they reach this state of harmony.

In order to become truly harmonious people, we have to be benevolent to others, love all things in this world, and through the act of caring for others, helping others and contributing to society, to strengthen our own positive life information and to allow ourselves to be in tune with the similar positive information and energy in the universe. In fact, harmonious lives are considered as lives living in accordance with the Way or, the Dao, whereas disharmonious lives are deemed to belong to those lives living against the Way.

As highly intelligent human species, not only were we the harmonious lives when we were first created, but also the leaders of other species. With this special status, we should live harmoniously in the universe and perform our roles well so that under our leadership, other species will also be able to live in this universe peacefully and harmoniously. Not only must we change ourselves to become harmonious, we must also have responsibilities and obligations to make the world we are living to be more harmonious too. This is the value and significance of us as human species living in the universe.

Received on March 5, 2017


Framework and structure of the universe: In the universe, all objects that are formed naturally are the framework and structure of the universe. For example, the planet Earth on which we are living is part of the structure of the universe.


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