Chapter 14 The Phenomena

When a lifeform has a substantially high level of understanding and knowledge of the universe, he/she is able to observe all the phenomena, and from these observations, explore the wonders and secrets between himself/herself and the universe. It can be said that the growing phase of life is a continuous training process of analyzing and exploring the various phenomena, and through processing all these experiences, allowing oneself to ceaselessly elevate one’s abilities in exploring the secrets of the universe.

Through a continual analysis and exploration of varying phenomena, humans will gain further in-depth cognizance and appreciation of the nature behind these phenomena without being misled and hindered by them. Human beings are able to create some fundamental phenomena through understanding the laws of the universe, thereby helping themselves to achieve advancement. This is also the embodiment of the human creative strength. The presence of such phenomena has brought about many surprises and colors in the universe.

As human beings progressively increase their abilities and deepen their understanding of the universe, they will create more and more phenomena to accentuate their own value and creative power. These are the abilities humans should be proud of as highly intelligent lives. Of course, behind all these created phenomena in the universe lies the wisdom of the Creators. As long as the Creators follow the laws of the universe while creating these phenomena, these occurrences would in turn help them continuously develop upwards. Certainly, the phenomena created by the Creators and those natural phenomena in the universe must not go against each other. If this happens, the created phenomena will have little impact on the universe. On the contrary, it might hinder its own development. Therefore, only when all existences in the universe live and develop in accordance with the laws of the universe can they be considered as compliant with the Way, and be able to gain an opportunity to live for a long period of time in the universe.

There are many phenomena in the universe that we are still unable to understand at this juncture. It is exactly because of the occurrence of these advanced phenomena that we are motivated to constantly explore and move forward. The vastness of the universe goes far beyond the bounds of human understanding; therefore, we must take actions if we wish to explore greater spheres. Only through the continued efforts of upgrading our own ability will we gain the opportunity to unveil the secrets behind these phenomena.

The emergence of every type of lifeform is a kind of phenomenon, and mankind has never ceased to explore these phenomena. However, in terms of our present ability and standard level, there are still many phenomena of life which we are incapable of understanding. The unknowns and secrets of the universe are infinite and endless, and the mysteries that humankind have known are very limited in comparison. Hence, regardless of the level a person has uplifted to, it is still miniscule against the backdrop of the grand universe. The universe we are living in is constantly developing and changing, no one should make the mistake of being self-conceited. We only have to humble ourselves to learn and uplift, so as to have an opportunity to understand more secrets and riddles of the universe. Otherwise, we will stagnate and ceased to move forward.

We can learn more about the profound mysteries of the universe by closely observing the types and variables of phenomena, thereby drawing conclusions and growing from these experiences. In other words, the emergence of humankind is also a phenomenon of the universe, given that this manifestation is in part due to the universe’s upward development needs. Following humanity’s continual quest for more profound understanding of life itself, we will be able to realize progressively the significance of our very existence in the universe.

All occurrences of phenomena in the universe invariably provide humans opportunities to explore further. We can improve our own capabilities in the process of exploration and develop further in higher spheres. If we wish to achieve rapid upliftment and development, we have to accumulate more experience and enhance our abilities through continually exploring deeper into the profound phenomena of the universe.

Hopefully, with these teachings, our fellow relatives will be motivated to keep forging ahead. The surprises the universe presents to us are never-ending, and it largely depends on whether we have the ability to discover and embrace them. Life’s journey is full of splendors. Let us embrace an upbeat spirit in welcoming the various surprises which the universe presents to us. This will require the concerted efforts of all humanity, beginning first with cognizant of our Self before understanding the universe. Such process is also the only path of development which we humans, as highly intelligent species, must go through.

Received on March 5, 2017


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