Chapter 13 The Yardstick of Appropriacy

“The Yardstick of Appropriacy” can be used as a standard measure of the level of etiquette a human being possesses. It can also be reasonably chartered into a person’s life journey to ensure proper living and behaviors. Whilst we live in the universe, by adhering to the yardstick of appropriacy and planning our life sensibly, we will not stray away from our life path or do something which is unrealistic and impractical. These are the benefits accorded to ourselves with this measure of appropriacy.

By now, you might be wondering: What exactly is the yardstick of appropriacy? How do we make good use of this measure of appropriacy in the course of our life journey and maximize its impact on us? In this chapter, I shall introduce this topic to fellow relatives in simple terms.

“The Yardstick of Appropriacy” is a measure or degree of appropriateness and judgement which conforms to the laws of the universe. This means that, at any moment, a person must uphold the yardstick of appropriacy in his/her heart that conforms to the laws of the universe in whatever he/she is doing.

At this juncture, due to a lack of understanding of this principle, fellow relatives living in the worlds of lower-dimensional spaces are known to do things without propriety and orderliness. Without the yardstick of appropriacy, it will imply a non-standard conformation. It is exactly because fellow relatives in the lower-dimensional worlds are negligent and fail to follow this standard in their life paths that the world has become very chaotic. In fact, regardless of the world we are living in, as highly intelligent humans, we must abide by the rules and regulations and conform to the laws of the universe. All fellow relatives will be able to understand this principle when you have gained the relevant knowledge. This is because a world’s development cannot depart from the guidance of correct knowledge and education.

I have now, through varying perspectives, convey to all members of the family group the essence of human etiquette in the hope that all fellow relatives will understand the principles of being a human being through gaining this knowledge, and walk the correct path of life thereon. You must not live against the principles of leading a righteous life or stray away from the righteous path. Otherwise, your life will lose its value and significance.

As humans, if we stray away from the correct path, we will be disturbed by other unkind, external environmental factors and lose control of our lives. We will be unable to control our own destinies, thus are prone to be used and manipulated by others to become their puppets, and preventing us from living happily and blissfully in the universe. This type of life is indeed very sad. Therefore, we must understand these truths so as to gain the ability to have control over ourselves without falling into the evil path and becoming inextricable.

When humans lack guidance toward the right knowledge, it is difficult to gain wisdom. Without wisdom, we are not able to master our destinies. This chapter on “The Yardstick of Appropriacy” conveys to fellow relatives the simple principles of human etiquette so that you can strengthen this area of consciousness. Regardless of the level or phase of life fellow relatives are in – you must follow “the yardstick of appropriacy” to walk your own life paths. It is the only way that we can truly experience the meaning in which the journey of life brings to us.

Received on March 5, 2017


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