Chapter 12 Aspiration

Aspirations originate from a person’s inner heart in the form of expectations and desires from the outer world. The magnitude of a person’s aspiration depends very much on the strength of his/her hope and desire of the outer world. In one’s life journey, aspirations can continuously increase one’s sense of responsibilities, permitting him/her to reflect a greater worth in the universe.

The reason why aspirations can have such a great impact is that every aspiration projects a unique type of information to the universe. If our aspirations are virtuous and good, it will reciprocate positive information to the universe, and along with it a source of strength or power to the universe. Under the impact of this power, the energy fields of the universe become increasingly peaceful and higher in frequency. These tranquil and high-frequency energy fields promote the upward development of the universe. On the contrary, if our aspirations are self-centred and self-serving, and we aspire only to fulfil our personal desires, it will bring negative information to the universe. This negative information causes information fields in the universe space to be chaotic. All information in the universe can have an impact on the energy fields within the space of the universe, therefore the negative information we create will hinder the upward development of the universe. This is the Truth I want to convey to fellow relatives.

In fact, whilst we live in the universe, we are all constantly affected by all types and varying levels of information. Positive information allows our inner hearts to feel more and more peaceful, whereas negative information causes our inner hearts to be more and more confused. A confused heart will hinder the growth of our wisdom and our ability to unleash our innate capabilities.

The level of information we project to the universe is closely related to the level of aspiration we have within us. One can say that the higher the aspirations, the more we will be influenced and impacted by the high-frequency information and energies of the universe. This type of influence and impact will bring us inspiration2 and strength. The effect of this type of inspiration and strength is extraordinary. Such inspiration helps us gain wisdom, and its strength can make us stronger.

To a certain extent, a person’s life level has a definite relationship with his/her aspirations. This is because when a person has good aspirations, he/she will receive the corresponding information and energy frequency reciprocating from the universe. Of course, when these information and energy are at a higher frequency, it will be more helpful to him/her. Therefore, I always tell fellow relatives that whichever level and category of life you belong to, you receive the same level and grade of information and energy from the universe.

I have already conveyed truthfully to our fellow relatives the effect of aspiration in the universe and its significance to us. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you will change the wrong way of life, return to the correct life path and to live more worthily, more meaningfully, and to focus on contributing towards the positive development of the universe.

Received on March 5, 2017


1. Information fields in the universe space: All life forms in the universe are constantly emitting different kinds and levels of information. This information culminated into an immense information field in the universe. This colossal information field constantly interacts and influences all existence within the universe. In fact, such information is also the foundation for the development of the universe.

2. Inspiration: The inner perception of life.


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