Chapter 11 The Inner World of Humans

While we live in this grand world, we are usually concerned with matters of the outer world most of the time and pay very little attention to our own inner world. It is precisely because we have this problem that it is necessary for me to expound on the topic of “The Inner World of Humans” to fellow relatives.

In fact, human’s inner world is an abstract space where a person’s thought activities occur in his/her life. As long as a person maintains a state of quietness, he/she can go into his/her inner world to enjoy the tranquillity and the bliss. And in order to enjoy this tranquility and bliss, returning to Self-nature is the premise and foundation. Without such premise and foundation, it would be impossible to exert any positive impact on the universe. When a person’s life is still filled with trouble and sorrow, still harbored negative information, then there will be very little feeling of such tranquility and bliss, or even none. Therefore, if a person wishes to enter to his/her inner world to enjoy this peace and bliss, then he/she must first get rid of the negative information in his/her life. When the negative information in our lives has minimized, become lesser and lesser, we will be able to feel this tranquility and bliss more. This is not merely an ability that a highly intelligent life must possess, it is more of a state of attainment.

The outer living environment can provide a person an opportunity to elevate his/her work abilities, and, at the same time, challenges from the outside world can also train his/her mind. When the mind meets with these challenges and still remains calm, this means that his/her cultivation has already reached a very high level. Of course, to reach such a realm, it needs a long period of training. In reality, this principle applies to all other life forms in the universe as well.

In the universe, it is only through the training grounds that all life forms have an opportunity to train their minds and strengthen their work abilities. This is the reason why the senior management department of the universe encourages varied levels of Creators to create training grounds in different levels and categories of spaces.

This chapter focuses on the topic of the human’s inner world because a person’s mind controls all his/her thoughts and behaviours. If a person does not have the ability to control his/her mind, he/she will be unable to manage and control himself/herself, and as a result, he/she will do irrational things that are against the Way. This goes against our Creators’ original intention of creating us for the purpose of helping the upward development of the universe.

Therefore, we, as highly intelligent life forms, it is of utmost importance for us to train our minds. It is only when we manage to train our minds well, remove all the negative information in our lives that we can return to our original state of purity when our lives were first created by our Creators. It is only when we possess the capability to return to this state that we can follow the program set up and arranged by our Creators to live according to the laws of the universe. Of course, it is much easier for lives residing in the higher dimensional spaces to achieve it, but is harder for lives residing in the lower dimensional spaces to do so. This is because there is too much interference from negative information that it is often harder for lives living in the low dimensional spaces to achieve serenity. Without peacefulness, it is impossible for us to enter a purity stage. When our minds are further confused, we will be unable to find the correct direction in life. We might even slip further away from the Way. This is the reason why lives in low dimensional spaces go against the laws of the universe so easily.

As highly intelligent life forms, humans were already endowed with a mission as leaders when the Creators developed us. Therefore, we have the responsibility and obligation to lead other species to move forward and develop, to contribute our efforts to the universe. However, if we aspire to be the real leaders, we must first acquire the ability to return to our state of purity and pass through all kinds of training and trials in varied training grounds in the universe to strengthen our combined abilities. It is only in this way that we can lead more lives to elevate. This is the direction we, as the humans of highly intelligent species, should strive and work for.

Received on March 4, 2017


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