Chapter 10 The Act of Dedication

Everything in the universe is about serving above oneself and reflecting on one’s own values. All righteous lives in the universe have been endowed with the moral characters of selfless dedication by the Creators. It is only when we, the Righteous humankind, live in accordance with this framework and setup that we can really achieve true bliss and happiness.

When a person truly dedicates himself/herself to the world, all the energy in his/her own life will be mobilized because dedication brings about the most harmonious state of being in humans that is in accordance with the Dao, or the laws of the universe. Selfless contribution acts like a switch or trigger which can open up the innate capabilities of a person. When one’s commitment to dedicate becomes stronger, his/her own energy frequency will also be receiving continual elevation.

In fact, the laws of survival for human lives are very simple. When the Creators created us, they have followed the laws of the universe to execute the set up. As long as we continue to dedicate ourselves, offer selfless service to others, we will be able to activate all the capabilities which the Creators have endowed us during the creation.

Since the act of dedication can raise a person’s energy frequency, on the contrary,if a person does not have this spirit of serving, his/her energy frequency will be lowered gradually. This is the reason why it is only when we dedicate ourselves to others that we can live in the universe for a long period of time.

As a matter of fact, there are many shallow principles in this world that reveal the profound secrets of the heaven. It is just that very few people can actually follow these principles and put them into action. Therefore, they have wasted their precious opportunity as a highly intelligent life in the universe.

In fact, human capabilities are far greater than what we have known. This is because humans are capable of exerting significant effects in the universe and create greater glories. When a person really chooses to dedicate himself/herself, his/her inner heart will be filled with blissfulness. This blissful sentiment comes about from the effect of certain types of information and energy in the universe.

We should not disregard any type of feeling in our hearts because it is the effect of different types of information and energy of the universe on our lives. If you have positive thoughts, you will receive positive information and energy from the universe. Conversely, when you have negative emotions, you will receive negative information and energy from the universe. This is the law of the universe. However, most people normally do not pay attention to these minor feelings in their hearts. Instead, they will just let their inner feelings be subject to the external environments and thus not be able to extricate themselves from it. People who are in this state of existence lack the spirit of dedication, causing them to be incapable of embodying their own innate abilities, thus becoming low-frequency lives.

The human life body (“life body” refers to the entirety of life, which includes the Core System of Life and the body itself. It does not refer only to the body alone) is incredibly intricate, with all its set-ups allowing humans to execute great effects on the universe. Although human life is insignificant, its ability is great. No one should ever look down upon his/her own life body.

Human beings can create glories and miracles, and elevate to a very high sphere. However, this requires everyone to treat his/her life seriously, to begin from the most basic knowledge of recognition, develop step by step and return to the original human nature. It is only through this way that we can gradually expand our capabilities that we humans should possess, and create the glories which humans should create. All these things should first begin with the act of dedication because selfless contribution is a fundamental human etiquette. Only when a person continues to dedicate himself/herself can he/she reach a heightened state of being in tune with nature, thereby fulfilling his/her aspirations.

To recognize and adopt the act of dedication is the first step and also the most crucial one in deciding whether a person can qualify to become a highly intelligent life form. Hopefully, all fellow relatives who have read this article will gain a deeper understanding regarding the “act of dedication”. Dedication is the key to unlocking the spiritual treasury. Whether we allow our lives to shine with brilliance depends on how well we recognize and make use of this key. How else would humans, living within heaven and earth, reflect on their values without any dedication?!

Received on March 3, 2017


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