Chapter 9 The “Dao” – The Way

The word “Dao” has long existed in human history. However, human’s understanding of the “Dao” has always been very ambiguous and is all about making wild or erroneous guesses without knowing its true meaning. In reality, “Dao” (or the Way) is the path which can also be called the “laws of the universe”.

Within the cosmic Life Space, there are a variety of lives in existence. However, beyond the space that contains life, there are some “advanced existence” whose wisdom and capabilities are far beyond lives themselves. Up until now, we cannot draw any conclusion in addressing these “advanced existence” as some life forms. All lives and the “advanced existence” in the universe must follow the laws of the universe to survive regardless of the levels of the worlds they are living in. It is only in this way that life can be considered as living in accordance with the Dao in the universe. The universe has its own path, just as it has its own laws. As long as all life forms and the “advanced existence” follow these laws to survive, they will be able to live well, develop properly and elevate their value in the universe. This is the essence of living in accordance with the Dao.

In fact, in the universe, we would more readily find our place in the universe if we could live according to the laws. Lives living in this manner will be able to find their own pace to live and grow freely in the universe. However, in the universe, there is a portion of living beings who do not live their lives according to the laws, but adopt a way of living that is obstructive to the positive development of the universe instead. This type of existence does not comply with the laws of the universe; we can say that their existence is against the law.

The universe is vast and borderless, therefore, the word “Dao”, following the continual elevation of life level, will be recognized and explained in a more comprehensive and detailed manner. With our current scope of abilities, “Dao” can be understood in three levels of perspective: The first is the “Human Way” (Ren Dao); the second is “Heaven Way” (Tian Dao); and the third is the “Path of the Unknown” (Xuan Dao).

The first – the “Human Way” (which is the Path of Humanity, and it is also the principles and laws of being a human).

To understand the Human Way, we must first understand the moral character of humans and also learn how to live in accordance with the laws of the universe. This is the foundation of being a human. It is only when a human has attained a certain degree of understanding of the truth of life and that of the universe, that he/she understands the true purpose of existence, the values and significance of his/her life, thereby finding his/her own place in the universe, and never to deviate from the right path in the universe. Only when humankind follow this right way to live can they be thought to be complying with the “Human Way”.

The third – the “Path of the Unknown” (which is the natural laws that exist beyond the Life Space).

There are far too many unknown regions or spaces in the universe. The Life Space is just one of the spaces within it. The spaces beyond the Life Space would naturally have its own laws, and these laws would also affect the Life Space itself. We simply termed such laws as the “Path of the Unknown”. With our current abilities, although we are still unable to explore the spaces beyond our Life Space, their influence on the Life Space is real; therefore, we cannot ignore the existence of this reality.

In fact, it is unnecessary for us to complicate ourselves in understanding the word “Dao”. We can understand it as the governing laws of all things in the universe. As long as we could return to our fundamental nature, we would be able to live in accordance with the “Dao”, because at the time when humans are created by the Creators, such a setup has already been established.

It is only when humans continue to explore and advance that we are able to understand more about the laws of the universe. In this way, it also means that we are progressively closer to the “Path of the Unknown”. When a person has accumulated great capacity, he/she will be able to use such an ability to comprehend and realize the true facets of the “Path of the Unknown”. When a person progresses and enters the “Path of the Unknown”, it will bring about earth-shaking transformations. In order to explore the true facets of the “Path of the Unknown”, the basic requisite is to first conform with the “Human Way”, then abide by “Heaven Way”. Only in this manner can we gain the opportunity to elevate step by step, and eventually reach the epitome of supremacy.

This guidance uses simple language to briefly describe the meaning and levels of perspective of “Dao”. As to the depth of our understanding and realization of the “Dao”, it will depend on how high is our level of achievement.

Received on March 2, 2017


The moral character of humans: This is dedication and obligation.


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