Chapter 8 Love

Love is a type of positive emotion in which a righteous life expresses towards his/her ideal partner. This sentiment originates from the inner needs of righteous lives because the Creators have configured the emotional need for love at the time of creating righteous lives. In fact, love is not an emotion that is exclusive to humans. As long as it is a life created by the Creators of the Righteous universe that physically moves, there would be a setup in place to have such emotional need as love. As an emotion, love provides a very high-frequency positive information for the universe which helps with the rapid development of the universe.

Love is a very important emotion. Only with a love relationship can a righteous life have the opportunity to procreate. Therefore, love is the basis for the reproduction of righteous lives and in fact, it is also the foundation for the development of the Righteous universe.

Love is a very sacred and noble spiritual need. In other words, the need for love of righteous lives mostly stems from within and not from physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is just one of the expressions of love. However, at this juncture, in the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces, due to the interference of negative information as well as negative energy fields, many righteous lives’ need for love has become less pure. Many of whom express their love on a physical level. Although this type of expression is not wrong, over-reliance on this form of expression only reflects the lowliness of a life with an inability to manifest the nobleness of a life.

Love is one of the most important emotions in humans’ lives. Only with a love relationship can families be formed and have the opportunity to procreate. This is the lifestyle of our righteous world and is also the only lifestyle that is in line with the right path. Our Righteous Family group uses this proper educational approach to guide fellow relatives in order that they respect love and cultivate a correct understanding and positioning of their partners in life.

In the universe, all righteous lives must abide by the righteous path, following the laws of the universe to survive. Only in this manner can the universe achieve rapid development and fulfil the Creators’ original purpose of creating us. As long as each and every righteous life follows the path of righteousness when living in the universe, it will be considered as contributing positively to the universe.

It is hoped that all fellow relatives would realize these truths. Only by understanding these truths can we learn the right way to live, and enable ourselves to play a positive role in the universe.

Received on March 1, 2017


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