Chapter 7 The Real Home of Humans

The human species has many different forms of appearance in the universe. This means that humankind have different appearances in varied levels of the worlds within the universe.

In different physical planets of the Yang-property worlds, the Creators will account for the specific environmental conditions in there and create the human bodies with different materials.

Certainly, in the Yin-property worlds, the format of life and appearance of human beings there will also be different. The bodies of life forms found at different levels will have different appearances as well. The appearance of human beings from the higher-frequency, Yin-property worlds will be more magnificent. We can judge their level and grade of lives according to their personal energy fields and the level of solemnity in their looks. Of course, this form of verification is only applicable to humans from lower-dimensional spaces, due to their limited abilities. Human beings from higher-dimensional spaces are much capable in employing more advanced methods to recognize different levels and types of lifeforms and their (its) associated abilities as well as manifestations.

In this universe, Yang-property worlds and Yin-property worlds co-exist with each other.

The Yang-property worlds are the foundations where life forms take their shapes and also the contexts in which life receives its fundamental capability training. Of course, the Yang-property worlds of higher-level energy fields will be more beneficial to their inhabitants in the form of receiving better training and achieving much faster growth. This is the reason why there are many Yang-property worlds with varying levels and categories of lives undergoing their training there.

In fact, the Yin-property worlds are the real home of human beings. Why is this so? This is because Yin-property worlds offer more freedom to all lifeforms, it is much easier for them, within their scope of abilities, to travel to different spaces within the universe to understand their own living environment. The Yin-property worlds belong to a higher level of spiritual supremacy. All lifeforms in these spiritual worlds is not confined like those of the Yang-property worlds. The lifeforms in Yin-property worlds will, according to their wishes and by adhering to the laws of the universe, live in their corresponding Yin-property worlds. And they will not be bound by the obligation to maintain their bodies as the Yang-property lives do. In fact, for all lifeforms in the universe, only those who can rely on their own capabilities to live freely in the universe can be considered as leading a way of life at a higher level.

In the Yang-property worlds, there is no way to achieve this so-called real freedom due to the limitations of physical bodies. Although Yin-property life forms also have certain restrictions, they (it) can elevate their own energy frequencies through effort and proceed to live in a higher-dimensional space. Or, they could use their own abilities to cognize the universe within the corresponding world of the dimensional spaces, so as to grasp more of its truth. This is the reason why I relay to fellow family members that Yin-property worlds are their real home. Yin-property worlds are where we belong, and they are also the heavenly playgrounds for our continual elevation and development.

Received on February 24, 2017


① Forms of appearance: The outer form, or the appearance of life form.


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