Chapter 6 The Flowers of Hope

The Ancestors address all the descendants of the Righteous Family group figuratively as the “Flowers of Hope”. As the descendants, we should have ambition to become the flowers they hope for. These “Flowers of Hope”, along with the hope of our Ancestors, will bloom at varying levels of the world, and at the same time, bringing hope to the universe.

The “Flowers of Hope” are blooming in beauty at varying levels of the world. When these “Flowers of Hope” are actually blooming in every world, each of these worlds will be filled with aspirations. However, some of the “Flowers of Hope” have been withered by darkness and have now lost their former glory, and have even allowed the darkness to bury them. As we are of the same flowers of hope, we must use our righteous power to awaken the souls of this portion of the flowers of hope who have been consumed by darkness. This is the mission entrusted to us by our Ancestors, and it is also our duty because all of us belong equally to our Ancestors’ “Flowers of Hope”.

As to the reason why our Ancestors want us to awaken this portion of the “Flowers of Hope” who have been consumed by the darkness, it is because these “Flowers of Hope” can still bring hope to the universe—it is just that they have been harmed and weakened due to their ignorance of the Truth. This is not their own choice. This group of fellow descendants still have a chance, so we must include them and let them have an opportunity to return to their better selves.

The Ancestors consider the “Flowers of Hope” to be the seeds of hope, and sow them at varying levels of the world for training and elevation. They are all unleashing their potential and playing their parts in their own worlds. Wherever the seeds of hope are sowed, they shall take root and spread there, and bring about aspirations to that part of the world; and at the same time, they also grow and play a bigger role in the universe.

Right here, I truly wish that the Righteous Family group’s descendants will all become the flowers of hope in their Ancestors’ hearts and bring hope to our family group. Whichever world you are born into and living in, you shall bring hope to that world. This is the quality that you should present as a descendant of the Righteous Family group in the universe. You must let these good qualities take root, and develop them within the territory of our Righteous Family group, allowing all our relatives of the Righteous Family group to be able to refine and uplift themselves under the influence of these good qualities. This is the wish of the Ancestors, and it is also the common aspiration of all the members of the Righteous Family group.

As the flowers of hope of the Ancestors, it is only when you bring hope to this world that you will become truly known as the “Flowers of Hope”. Otherwise, it is only just a hope. Hopefully, this article on “The Flowers of Hope” will help enlighten fellow relatives, permitting them therefore, to be more responsible to bringing more hope to this world.

Received on February 22, 2017



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