Chapter 5 Life’s Choice

Life represents a person’s trials and endeavours in his/her entire life journey. In everyone’s life, each will face two different sets of choices in his/her development direction and these two directions will determine the course and lead a person to a very different life path. If a correct life direction is chosen, it will grant a person a better life, and progressively toward a meaningful and worthy existence. However, if a wrong direction of life is made instead, it will see a person vanish gradually in his/her painful journey. How to choose one’s own life direction is an important topic for everyone.

Humankind emerges in the universe as a Highly Intelligent New Life Species, shouldering the important responsibility and mission bestowed by the Creators, that is: To lead and promote the development and progress of the lower-dimensional spaces in the universe, and to provide corresponding supportive strength for the universe.

Since we are the leaders surfacing in the universe, our life path should follow the development needs of the universe, and strive to move forward toward a higher level. This is the foundation for the choice of our life direction. By adopting this rightful mindset in guiding ourselves, we will never stray away from the path and will forever become the upward development strength required by the universe. This is our correct direction of life.

However, not everyone could proceed toward the right direction or dedicate themselves selflessly toward the development of the universe. There are two reasons why wrong direction in life is chosen: The first is failing to understand the truth of the universe, and having influenced by the negative external environment and negative-energy people, causing gradual depravation of life and walking towards gloominess. The second reason is failing to recognize correctly the relationship between lives and the universe itself, and not wanting to accept the unified management and teaching of the Righteous universe, just wanting to follow their own imagination to survive and develop freely without considering the development and the laws of the universe. It is very easy for such people to go against Righteousness, and waste much of the abilities which the Creators have bestowed upon them. This unjustifiable way of life will eventually lead them to severe sanctions by the laws of the universe.

Now that we are able to live in the universe and use our self-consciousness to experience and participate in the upward development phase of the universe, it is indeed a huge grace bestowed upon us by the Creators. We can say that, as a member of the highly intelligent life, we are truly honoured. In the vast universe, the existence of life is far too minute. Nevertheless, such a tiny life is capable of exerting an enormous impact.

Human beings and the universe have a mutually dependent, co-developing relationship. Human could live well only if they follow the upward development of the universe, at the same time, the concerted effort of hard work and contribution dedicated by humankind have served as an additional strength for the development of the universe. Following the unceasing contribution made by mankind for the universe, human beings will receive in return the great support and help from the related department of the universe, thereby achieving faster development. As a highly intelligent species, mankind should therefore dedicate themselves selflessly toward the universe; to lead and promote all species within the corresponding Life Space to ascend and develop unceasingly – This is the correct choice of our life. It is only through this right choice that human beings will have the opportunity to develop and progress.

When a person has truly understood his/her placement in the universe, he/she will make reasonable plans for his/her life and will not live blindly in the vast universe. When all humans understand the relationship between themselves and the universe, they will consciously fulfil their responsibilities and missions, contributing efforts for the unceasing development of the universe. It is only when we head in this direction that humankind could gradually develop to a higher level. This life choice is the foundation for humankind’s advancement. It is only through this lead in the right direction that humans will then not waste their precious survival rights bestowed by the Creators, and earn themselves an opportunity to witness an even more brilliant future of the universe.

Under such foundation, humankind has already walked past a historical period of growth and development. In this journey, humankind had been led in the right direction by the related departments of the universe, lived and developed according to the laws of the universe and contributed their own strength for the universe. For this, as a member of humankind, I feel extremely proud, and have also felt deeply that only when we follow the development needs of the universe could we gain a much larger development space. It is only when we persist with this unchanging direction that we will be able to play a bigger role and accentuate a greater worth.

Hopefully all fellow relatives will make the correct life choice, monitor your life direction and radiate even more powerful energy, and leave a glorious chapter behind us in the entire development course of the universe.

Received on February 21, 2017


Self-consciousness: Refers to human’s own subjective awareness.

Life Space: Refers to the entire space boundary in the universe within which life forms like animals and plants exist and live.


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